Extra Advise On Selling Used Socks

People usually throw away used socks, but many countries have opened up a niche market of people who smell used socks. Though the idea might seem different, it is surprisingly popular currently. 

snifffr is an online-based company that specializes in helping the buyers and sellers of used socks. We believe that everyone benefits from this business. With our plan, you can put your old socks back into circulation by letting people with a sexual fetish sniff your used socks.

The Sexual Fetish of Smelling Used Socks

People have been told not to wear dirty or smelly socks due to their dislike of strong smells. However, with this new trend of smelling used socks, the stigma attached to stinky socks might be changing.

Many online shops sell used socks and describe their products in unsettling and erotic detail: "Smell: strong," "Odor: egg," and "Scent: sticky sweetness." 

The reasons for purchasing these products vary from enjoying the smell to curiosity, but there is no doubt that it is a growing market that requires further investigation.

Many say it's not just for sexual stimulation; they have emotional attachments to certain smells that remind them of good times with loved ones or unique places. Some people claim that they are aroused by feet or odors, specifically the sweaty feet's smells. Some people get most excited by the smell of used socks because they have been exposed to more bodily functions than washed socks.

Many customers have an intense sexual fetish for smelling and sniffing socks worn by others. They will pay top dollar for a pair of used socks so that they can smell that delicious scent that comes with wearing a sock.

Sniffing feet as part of sexual pleasure is common in some cultures. Those who follow those customs often look for old socks to enjoy.

How To Sell Used Socks Using snifffr Website

Create a snifffr online account

The snifffr Company is an online marketplace for people to sell their used items.

Depending on the popularity of certain items, snifffr has different ways in which you can place items up for sale. This includes privately posting your items, publicly posting your items, or charging a fee to have them smell tested without having to post them publicly.


Complete the fake check test

This test is to help ensure that no one is selling something fake online. It helps us to verify that your images are not just taken off the internet. 


Choose how you would like to place your items up for sale

Once you have created an online profile with snifffr, make listings for whatever scent-based product you would like to offer. The individual selling options are available in the "Sell" section and include placing your item up for free smelling, private sale, and public sale.


Get paid before shipping

Agree on the payment method once the buyer has confirmed that they are satisfied with your product. The buyer should pay first before you send it to them to avoid any problems.


Ship your package

The buyer will provide you with a return address and a tracking number. Once you have shipped the item, you will be paid for that transaction regardless of posting it.

How Payment Is Made from Buyers to Seller

The buyer will click the buy button and pay for the item. They will be asked to choose their method of Escrow payment at checkout.

Once payment has been made, we sit between buyer and seller as a mediator to ensure all parties are protected.

snifffr does not reccomend transactions with PayPal due to its policies on the adult industry.

Who can sell used socks?

It seems like a stupid idea to many, but people are willing to buy used socks. You might be asking yourself how anyone could or would want to buy used socks, but consider that there are millions of daily customers just waiting for their chance to buy used socks for sexual fetish. This is a market waiting to be tapped into. Selling used socks is a great way to earn extra cash. snifffr offers a great way to sell used socks to adults who are above 18 years.


snifffr is an exciting site that allows you to make money by selling smelly socks, which works similarly to eBay sites. The company offers a unique twist on online shopping where you can meet up with the buyers, get your product sniffed, and then possibly sell it. If you would like more information about snifffr and how it works, visit contact our support team.