Fart Fetish – What Is It?

An old adage goes: "If something exists, it exists in porn." The same might be said of kinks and fetishes. If it exists, it will turn someone on or may even be required in order for them to have a sexual experience. While having kinks and fetishes is widespread, some are more common than others. One such connection is fart fetish, also known as eproctophilia in scientific terms. 


We don't fart in front of our crush on the first date since it's not just bad etiquette, but it's also personal and exposes us to vulnerability. The standard practice is to wait until we are at ease with our crush, when we are certain that we will not be judged no matter how bad it smells. Farts are often seen as amusing, disgusting, and/or embarrassing. This is crucial from the standpoint of a fart fetishist, who believes that hearing and smelling your fart is similar to feeling you at your most vulnerable and that this is what gives him or her sexual pleasure.

A Form of Intimacy

Intimacy, like many other sexual obsessions, has a strong allure. Eproctophilia is, at its core and in its most real form, about closeness. Farting in someone's face is considered intimate for many people. Farting is an emotional, psychological, and sexual turn-on since it is not a common sexual urge and is frowned upon even in public. Farting in public is frowned upon; thus, it's a highly private moment when a girl shares her fart with you. It demonstrates her complete trust in you and her lack of awkwardness or guilt in your presence. What better way to get things started?

Farting Exposure in a Stressful Situation

According to experts, eproctophilia develops when a person is exposed to farting in a stressful situation. Farting as a sexual tendency may occur in any situation or place that makes the act of passing gas more difficult.


Humiliation is a well-established sexual expression style that predates Fifty Shades of Grey. For control and humiliation to occur, there must be trust between the partners, and the same is true for farting. This behaviour is seen as a safe method for eproctophilia to gain control. Farting's humiliation and dominance provide him with physical pleasure and fulfilment and allow him to release pent-up energy.

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Do you have a thing for farts? Have you ever wondered what it might be like to smell or hear someone else's farts? Are you ass-obsessed? There are many others that are fascinated by the same thing that you are. A fart doesn't hurt anybody as long as they're into the fetish. It's entertaining, and it's much better if it's sexual! It's time to accept your individuality.

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