How to Buy Used Knickers the Right Way

Are you planning to buy used knickers? Well, there is a huge market. There are many people looking for vintage underwear. Men have many reasons for purchasing them. Maybe you have heard that in Japan, men buy used knickers from vending machines. The truth is that the panty selling industry has been around for many years. These are the top tips to help you get the right used knickers.

Choose Your Fabric

There is a need to consider the material or fabric of the used panties. In this way, you can know the role of smells and stains and what you should expect when you receive your package. Cotton knickers are quite popular among experienced buyers. If you love stains, then you should get cotton panties as they hold and attract stains.

You may also need to consider satin panties as they look great. Since satin is less breathable, it attracts a lot of moisture and sweat. In this way, moisture can easily accumulate to provide an amazing experience for you.

Silk panties are great to touch. Since they rub against a woman’s body, they absorb the vivid scent of her body. These panties are also effective at capturing and retaining stains. You may also need to consider lace and thong knickers.

Consider Anonymity

The truth is that you want to keep your identity safe. Therefore, you should buy used knickers from a site that does not disclose your identity. It needs to keep your information secure and safe. Moreover, you need to respect the privacy of sellers. Some sellers do not want to disclose their personal details. 

Consider Being Verified

In this era, most used knickers marketplaces require verification. This is necessary to create trust between sellers and buyers. Fortunately, the process of verification is easy and quick. It offers you a reason to trust the seller, and a great connection is established.

Be Respectful

Used knickers sites allow buyers to rate sellers. Here at snifffr, we also permit sellers to rate buyers. Therefore, if you build a negative reputation, then you are likely to be avoided by other sellers. Also, sellers can report scammers, timewasters, and harassers. Whenever you have legitimate complaints, it is advisable to contact the customer support team. Sometimes you may need to provide evidence to support your claims.


Sellers usually buy used knickers that have been worn for a lengthy period. However, extended-wear sellers are likely to develop a yeast infection. You should note that bugs like warm and moist areas. That explains why some sellers like producing artificially scented underwear. If you are an experienced buyer, this is easy to discover. 

Seller’s Personality

In most cases, you require more than used knickers. Ideally, you may want to build a connection. Therefore, there is a need to find a seller with an upbeat personality. This will take your user experience to another level.

Ideally, successful sellers get more orders because of repeat customers. That is because they know how they can make buyers like you feel relaxed.

Provide Positive Feedback

You should note that sellers operating in a marketplace rely on feedback. Therefore, if you have a great experience, it is advisable to give positive feedback. In addition, the seller might be inclined to do business with you in the future. Always be genuine with your comments.

The truth is that buying used knickers is becoming quite popular. Knowing differences in the material can help you have a great buying experience. You can take your experience to another level by providing positive feedback and building a connection with the seller.

Written by: Laura Thorpe