Reasons Why People Like Buying Dirty & Used Socks Online

Fetish refers to gratification from objects, items of clothing that are sexual in nature. Our community aims at satisfying your sexual appetites by providing you with dirty socks for your own pleasure.

We offer you a platform where you can indulge in your fetish of smelling used socks by offering you a variety of dirty socks to choose from.

Reasons Why People Like Buying Used Socks Online

Below are some of the reasons why people like buying used socks online:

  • Online platforms offer a safe haven where buyers can acquire worn socks with their identity remaining anonymous hence not exposed to the whole world of their secret pleasures of inhaling aromas from dirty socks. Their purchase history is discreet and only available to the seller and the buyer.
    Online buying of dirty socks offers more variety. Clients have a large variety of merchandise to choose from in terms of size of dirty socks like tiny or large worn socks, the different textures like kitten soft dirty socks or sandpaper rough used socks, a kaleidoscope of colors, and the materials ranging from synthetic and natural like warm woolen dirty socks.
    An online buyer experiences no crowding that is experienced by buyers in regular stores. This enables our dirty socks, lovers, to acquire their wares in the comfort of their areas of residence saving them the hustle of being jostled here and there in stores.
    Online purchase of dirty socks offers the convenience of acquiring coveted commodities at any time or anywhere. The online platforms are usually open day and night and can be accessed anywhere where there is internet connection.
    Online shopping gives the buyer of the dirty socks better prices because there are no middlemen involved in the purchase of the commodities meaning that the client can acquire more used socks for their pleasure.
    Online platforms offer more detailed information for our buyers of dirty socks. For instance, more information is given on the size of worn socks, colors, and even texture meaning that the dirty socks lover is spoilt of choice when it comes to acquiring the dirty socks of their preference.
    The inventory of the online shops is easily managed meaning that our client of dirty socks can easily know if whatever he is looking for is available saving him time.
  • Online shopping of used socks saves you time and money you could have used to travel to physical stores to acquire the commodities.
  • By buying used socks online we offer you a chance to not plan a shopping spree but rather acquire your goods from a comfortable environment with little to no hustle.
  • Dirty socks are products that are rare, meaning that you cannot find them readily in regular stores; our community offers you this through online shopping. Anywhere you are in the world we can meet your needs of having a whiff of the dirty socks because we deliver anywhere in the world.
  • Online shopping is easy to find. For the lovers of dirty socks, snifffr is only a button away, you only need to click on our websites and get what you need.
  • Online platforms offer you a chance to make a comparison of the prices available. We have an array of dirty socks and you can easily compare the prices with no pressure and acquire the best dirty socks at a bargain.
  • Online shopping of used socks gives you control of what you want to acquire according to your preference because you take your time in choosing what you want and need. 

How to buy used socks online

Here are the steps in buying used socks online:

  • Step 1. Open our website at snifffr.
  • Step 2. Browse through our site. View the used socks variety available.
  • Step 3. Live chat or message with our sellers at snifffr.
  • Step 4. Select your preference and pay for the fresh pair of your dirty stinking socks.
  • Step 5. Inhale the aroma of the worn socks and enjoy.

How to pay for your dirty socks online

Payment can be made through:

  • Venmo
  • Google Wallet
  • Apple Pay
  • Amazon Pay
  • Paypal
  • Payoneer
  • And other similar payment platforms that the buyer and seller agree on. 

The process of selling used socks online

  • Create your personal profile that is unique to entice the lovers of dirty socks
  • Indicate the used socks you have in store giving a brief description of them like small black woolen dirty socks.
  • List the price of each and every dirty socks you have in store. Converse with the potential buyers on messenger and chat to get personal with them.
  • Create a rapport with your potential buyers to entice them to come back for more dirty socks.
  • Payment of the commodity should be received first before the dirty socks can be shipped to them.
  • Make the shipment of the commodity to your esteemed client of the dirty socks.

Written by: Laura Thorpe