Why snifffr Is the Best Site for You to Sell and Buy Used Underwear

The internet has made it possible to sell and buy used underwear in an anonymous and faster manner. You will be able to earn some cash that can be spent on other things. For the buyer though, this is a fetish for them. One of the sexual fetishes for people is underwear fetishism.

This fetish involves a person experiencing sexual excitement from handling or observing underwear that has been worn by another. Furthermore, some people derive their sexual excitement from simply wearing the used underwear. Through snifffr, it is possible to sell and buy used underwear anonymously. Snifffr is an online marketplace that brings together buyers and sellers. It makes it really easy for buyers and seller of used underwear to get what they want.

Register an account to buy used underwear

For you to sell or buy used underwear in snifffr you have to first register or create an account. Doing that is free. You must be over 18 years of age to register for an account to sell or buy used underwear. If you want to use features such as the online chat then you will have to pay. The trusted online marketplace charges you a set fee monthly. That means that the same amount will be charged without consideration of the number of times you have transacted. You can transact an unlimited amount of times for the same set monthly fee.

How to buy used underwear:

The following tips will help you to buy used underwear on snifffr:

  • You will be able to view various profiles of gorgeous ladies.
  • Message/live chat with your preferred seller of used underwear.
  • Select the underwear and pay for them.
  • Enjoy your sexual fetish.

How to sell used underwear

The following will help you to sell used underwear on snifffr.

  • On your personal shop, upload sexy underwear. This is obviously the first step in selling your underwear. Ensure you include a picture of the underwear and a good description. Many buyers want to know what you have done in the underwear and how long you have worn them for.
  • Message/live chat with a potential buyer of panties.
  • Complete the sale and receive your cash. Payment can be made through Venmo, Google Wallet or any online payment platform you choose. Snifffr does not get involved in the transfer of money.
  • Grow your online used underwear selling business.

Is there a need for you to show profile photo face to sell or buy used underwear?

If you are a potential buyer of used underwear then there is no need for you to show your face in your profile photo. That entirely depends on you. However, if you happen to be a seller then it is advised that you show your face. That is those who want to buy used underwear like it that way. Of course, your face will only be viewed by the members of the online marketplace. Sellers can easily choose to remain 100% anonymous by not showing their faces.

In conclusion, the buyer and seller will have to agree on the payment method and the buyer will furnish the seller with a delivery address. For the seller to remain anonymous, it is advised that the parcel’s return address is the same as the delivery address. snifffr is not involved in the business deal.