DIY tips and advice on how to sell worn panties

Selling worn panties has continued to gain popularity over the years. We have some tricks and tips one you utilize to increase your sales. With the advancement in technology, the whole process has been simplified as one can sell used panties in several online platforms such as: your blog, website, social media and marketplaces such as snifffr.

DIY tips and advice on how to sell worn panties

In order to increase your sales, we have several things you should do. Some of the DIY hacks include:

You need to be eligible - if you want to build a good reputation with your clients, then you need to make sure you qualify for the business. Online business is mainly built on trust. In order to expand your business very fast, you need to maintaining your current customers and attracting new ones from referrals. To sell used panties online, it is mandatory to be 18+. After signing up to snifffr, the next thing you have to do is to customize your profile.

Select the site to work with - the next tip on how to sell worn panties is to choose the site you will work with. It is recommended to use third party platforms because most girls love them and you will have access to thousands of buyers.

Write a good biography - write a good biography describing your business and how you operate, including distribution and payment options.

Photos - having well taken photos on your posts and profile is really a huge deal. Excellent videos are very popular

Market yourself - marketing is very important for any business, in order for your used panties business to boom, you need to drive traffic to your shop and online store. Some of the ways to drive traffic to tour online shop are through Snapchat, Instagram, cam sites, and Reddit.

Snifffr is one of the leading websites for selling used panties. If you want to get more buyers, then you really have to invest time in snifffr. It is somewhere you can easily get someone to buy your used panties. It is somewhere any buyer needs to visit at all costs because you are highly likely to get whatever type of panties you may want. The only thing you need to do so as to get your favourite panties is to engage the seller and negotiate a deal.

Any seller who puts in more effort in terms of how she makes her displays, constant adverts and quick response to customer’s queries is likely to get more rewards in terms of sales. Hard work and determination are key!

How to finalize the deal

In order to finalize a deal on snifffr, the buyer has to finalize the deal using private messaging or online chat. You need to have a clear and informative discussion with the seller so that you have to make sure whatever panties is going to be sold to you is the right one.

Worn panties are a great business to get in, don’t be discouraged in one way or another to buy and sell used panties.

snifffr is a trusted marketplace for you to buy and sell used panties. The trustworthy platform has tens of thousands of users around the world including America, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, Norway, New Zealand and loads of other countries. 

To buy used panties, all you need to do is sign up for free then start engaging with sellers of used knickers. You can use live online chat or private messages to engage with the sellers. There are thousands of used panties for sale on the snifffr website. 

There are many other benefits you enjoy when joining snifffr. This includes free registration, staying anonymous, freedom of choice, wide selection and great opportunities. All you need to do is sign up to buy used panties or to sell used panties. For more information, take a look at our FAQ’s page.