How much should you sell your worn panties?

So you have decided to join the worn panties fetish market? Congratulations, you are on the right path. Worn panties for sale are a very popular endeavour if done right. One of the most common questions concerning worn panties is the price; most sellers tend to ask how much they should sell their used panties for. 

If you are one of such sellers, count yourself lucky. The article will provide you compelling insights regarding the used panties market, which will help you come up with reasonable prices for your goods. All you need is to incorporate the tips in your strategies and you will reap the benefits.

If you have done your research online, you can realise a vast disparity of prices. This ranges from bargain, cheap, to the utmost luxurious prices. In other words, sellers set their prices depending on their profit on each sale or the most sought-after panties. Neither of the pricing criteria is wrong, but you should realize that strategy must be involved in coming up with the price.

So, what are the determinants of worn panties prices?

Demand vs. supply

Two factors that are demand and supply, determine the market of worn panties. If the worn panties' demand is high in a particular period of the year, then the prices are a bit high. On the other hand, if the supply of certain types of worn panties is high, it means the demand for the prescribed panties is low; hence, they are associated with low prices to attract more clientele.

Therefore which type of worn panties are you selling? Do they attract a huge following? If that is the case, the panties are in demand. Compare the prices of matching panties online, and then set a reasonable price. If your panties do not attract an appropriate following, it implies they are not in demand, meaning your pricing should not be that high.

Type of the panties

Types of panties play a significant role when it comes to worn panties’ pricing. Remember, men want these panties for fantasy purposes. Adult industry actors wear various types of panties. They include boy shorts, classic briefs, hipsters, thongs, French cut panties, G-string, seamless, Brazilian briefs, and control briefs. All these parties have their specific prices.

For example, men seem to have affection for hipsters, thongs, seamless, and control brief worn panties from the mentioned categories. This is because they are a bit light, and they can be easily used for pleasure activities. These categories of panties also show the actors' "pot jars," which means a lot when it comes to fantasizing expeditions.

The material of the panties

Material is also another issue that determines the prices of the worn panties. Cotton and silk panties are more expensive as compared to others. This is because the two panties' ability to absorb and maintain the actors' natural sweat and orgasms, which is the most critical component in the fetish industry. Men that are buying these panties are not buying them for the sake of buying; basically, they are buying you. And they can only buy you by accessing your natural acting sweat and scent.


Make no mistake; the scent is the selling weapon of the worn panties. The smelly the panties, the higher the prices; on the other hand, the lower the odor, the less the cost. Ensure your panties maintain the original scent of your sweat and orgasm. Buyers are smart. Don't try to cheat; they will know. 

Please avoid the use of colognes and perfumes; buyer out there are not interested in them.


Color is also another factor that should not be ignored. White, pink, red, and yellow colors are hotcakes in the fetish industry. This is because men can easily spot the actor's sweat and orgasms’ remains on them, hence, turning them on quickly. Therefore the prices of such colors will be higher compared to others.

How should you sell your panties?

Worn panties for sale need a strategy; otherwise, you will end up hating the business. First, be professional and sell worn panties. Most actors go wrong; they think that the consumers are gullible, and they can hoodwink them with any panties. You should know that most buyers know the taste of worn panties and quickly identify the unworn panties.

At the moment, at least you have a clue on the pricing factor. Identify your worn panties' strengths and weaknesses and capitalize on the strengths when setting up the prices.