How to be successful at selling used panties

There are tons of side gigs that you can use to make money, selling used panties is one of them. You will have to treat it as a business if you want to succeed. There are thousands and thousands of people selling used panties to earn extra income. Are you interested in learning how to successfully sell your used panties?

Tips for selling used pantiesselling used panties

The most important tip that can be given is to be sure to treat this as a business at all times.The added organization will be extremely important, after all, this is your business. You will need to keep track of which customers come from. It will help you to determine your profits, losses, and inventory.

Set up a profile for your business to give your customers a captivating first impression.

Be sure to remain friendly and professional. Make it sexy and alluring for the buyers. Give them a small bio about yourself, it doesn't have to be true. You just want to create a sexy romantic atmosphere for your buyer. After all, you have to go above and beyond to attract and retain your buyers. Why are your panties special? What is special about you? It's important to get the buyer extremely excited so they will purchase your used panties and become loyal customers for the future.

Find out what the customers want to purchase.

There is no point in trying to sell items that are not being sought out for purchase. You may need to have a spreadsheet or notebook to keep track of what is popular on which site. This list will give you a better understanding of what the customers want and how to please them. The more research you do into your customer inquiries and such will help you to become more successful in the end. Never be afraid to put in a little extra time in preparation before jumping into the business. Your customers will appreciate the consistency and professionalism as well.


Give the customers what they want

Don't be afraid to let loose and give in to the fetish life. Some people want special orders that will take your creativity and dedication to complete. You may have to wear the panties for a couple of hours or maybe 2 whole days. Do not be offended if a customer is looking for a pair of panties that have been masturbated on or in. These are all options you have to increase your sales and profits. Do not be afraid to embrace the wild side to keep those customers coming back!

Sell the used panties on safe sites.

There are many places you can sell your used panties that are safe and legit. If you want to take your business to the next level, then you should invest your time and energy into exploring snifffr. How will you find a credible site? Some pretty mainstream social media platforms can help you start safely, quickly, and affordably. Here are some safe sites and platforms you can use to sell your used panties.

  • Social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, and more.
  • Local craigslist
  • Reddit

How can I sell more than others?

Every successful business is driven by dedication and hard work. It also takes organization, marketing, and great customer service to sell more panties than other sellers in the market. Are you willing to dedicate your time and energy into making this business successful? Are you willing to go the extra mile to please your customers every time they have a special requirement?

The sellers that are dedicated to pleasing their customers are more successful. They have loyal customers that return for more used panties because they know that the seller is genuine and produces quality products. If you want to take your business to the next level, then you must be willing to put in the extra work to market your business and products.

Give back to your customers!

The best way to keep them coming back is to make them feel loyal or connected to you. They want to feel like they are special to you. You could always add a little something with the purchase to keep the customers coming back for more. A small thank you card to make them feel appreciated, a coupon, a picture of you in sexy panties, or anything like this. It will make the purchase more personal for the buyer. You can never go wrong with excellent customer satisfaction.

If you follow all of the tips listed above, you will be a successful businessperson in record timing. Don't be afraid to get out there and get your panties dirty. It's all for better business growth.