Things to Know Before You Buy Used Panties

If you are a fanatic of dirty panties, you do not have to steal those of your neighbor anymore; you can now buy used panties online. There are many reasons why men buy used panties. This industry was invented in Japan and has been around for several years. In some areas in Japan, you can even find automatically used panties dispersing machines!

Well, you do not have to go to Japan to get your collection from vending machines; you can now purchase dirty panties online. These are some of the things you ought to know before you buy used panties online.

Check the Material

The truth is that the material of underwear is quite important. For instance, silk feels and looks great. Other popular choices are thongs, panties, and lace.

You should note that some men love the aspect of striking beauty that is common with transparent and thin materials. Lace or sheer tongs are quite popular, and they offer you an enjoyable and satisfying experience.

So, how can you determine the material when you have not seen the used panty? Ensure you read the description before buying.

Remain Anonymous

Many buyers wish to keep their identity safe when buying used panties. Go for a website that does not require your identity disclosure. Ideally, it needs to keep the information secure and safe. You also have a duty to uphold the seller’s privacy.


Depending on where you buy used panties, you may need to meet certain requirements. This is important to create trust among buyers and sellers. In fact, verification is quite easy and quick. With verification, members can trust each other.

Maintain Respect

Usually, after buying used underwear, you will be required to rate the seller. Also, the seller has the option of rating the buyer. However, if you are considered to be a jerk, then other sellers will avoid you. In fact, sellers have the option of reporting harassers, abusers, and scammers. That does not mean you cannot submit your genuine complaints to the support team. When you do so, ensure you attach evidence to prove the claims.


Many buyers want panties that are extremely dirty. Therefore, they may need panties that have been worn for quite long. 

Find a Nice Seller

You can only become a successful seller for a reason. Reputable sellers know how to make buyers feel relaxed. You can tell the personality of the seller by checking interview pages, review pages, chats, and pictures.

Offer Positive Feedback

Since used panty sellers are in client-based business, it is vital that they meet the needs of their clients. As a result, these sellers need positive feedback to thrive.

After finding a great seller with a great personality, and you feel doing repeat business, you should leave behind positive feedback. As a result, the seller may be happy with your feedback and offer discounts. Always be honest with your feedback.

Buy Safely

The used panties industry is growing at a high rate. Choosing the right material will improve your buying experience. Maintaining a good relationship with the seller can ensure you get discounts and even freebies. Ensure you always remain anonymous until you can be comfortable with a seller. There is nothing wrong with familiarizing yourself with the seller.

It is a good idea to choose a secure website such as snifffr to buy used panties. Ideally, the website you choose should also be trusted. Remember that you do not want your personal data breached. A website such as snifffr supports the anonymity of both the sellers and buyers. 

The good thing about purchasing panties online is that the process is discreet. Persons who are involved in the sale of the used panties are the seller and you. This provides a perfect opportunity for exploring your sexual fetishes. If there is something you want to be done with used underwear, do not be afraid to ask. Remember that most sellers are interested in developing long-term relationships with the sellers. Therefore, they are ready to go the extra mile and ensure you are satisfied with your purchase. Feel free to negotiate.