How to Sell Your Used Socks with snifffr

Make extra cash via selling second-hand socks rather than disposing of them or keeping them in unused baskets of clothes. Generally, many individuals, both women, and men, sell their used socks to earn extra cash for themselves, especially during this challenging time of coronavirus.

Why not you try this beneficial and easy side hustle and make some more money for your upkeep. The process is very straightforward with the below supportive guide. Without further ado, read through an ultimate guide on how you can successfully start selling used socks and earn money without any issues.

Sexual fetish of smelling used socks?

While some of us might think other individuals sweat as a distressing, there are other individuals getting off right on the sweetness of the musty stench of used socks sweat. Among the popular reported sexual fetishes is a foot fetish. Just like other related non-sexual body parts get sexualized, butts, breast or feet can also hold the best allure for many people. The feet sniffers admitted to loving buying the used socks just to achieve that specific gratifying smell.

How to start selling used socks online?

Generally, someone can start selling your used socks on websites that sell the used socks, panties, shoes and bras. However, use the specific and secure websites to eventually start your business selling used socks.

What kind of used socks do individuals purchase?

Think of those smelly, sweaty and dirty socks you wore after a sweaty gym session or long run. Besides, many buyers love purchasing socks that you have been wearing for some time. Further, you also include other related types of used socks such as foot liners, ankle, fishnet stocking, leg warmers and knee-highs.

How much should I charge for a pair of the used socks?

The money that someone should charge depends on how long the socks you are selling have been used. What kind of specific activities you did when you mostly wore them? However, to get a clear idea of how much you should charge per pair of socks, look right to other related sellers' prices for the similar or same pair. 

How to get paid after using the website to sell my used socks?

Generally, any seller has the freedom of determining the best and comfortable method of receiving your payment for used socks. Besides, there are many payment selections to choose from depending on your location, etc., Such as money orders, electronic payment services, and re-loadable visa cards. Once you select any, your money will be sent directly to your account after your used socks have been received and approved.

How much can someone make selling their used socks?

If you will enter the market by yourself, put in more effort and time, you can make spare cash. Unbelievably, some sellers earn even over a thousand dollars per month via selling their used socks, thus making all your effort and love this job for excellent results. 

What are ways for promoting selling used socks?

In essence, there are many and different websites someone can join to effectively sell your used socks. Individuals are recently listing their utilized socks on eBay, Locanto, Craigslist, Fivvr, Gumtree, Facebook and of course snifffr. 

However, before listing your socks for sale on these specific websites, ensure you understand the terms and conditions of the website. You can also search for more information about their payments. 

What are the best tips for selling used socks?

First, you need to take quality and decent photos of the socks you intend to start selling. Secondly, consider selling those specific socks you wear when taking pictures; write a comprehensive description along with the photos. Essentially, selling used socks is easy but can also be tricky without a supportive guide.

Avoid using your real surname and name; however, use a fake name. Further, avoid giving the people factual information such as where you live, your phone number, or even where you currently work. Additionally, keep the communications and conversations with purchasers strictly on business and not your personal life.

How to package and ship the socks?

Many sellers place their socks into a vacuumed bag. Further, take all the excess air out since this aids in keeping your used socks smell.

If you think selling your specific used socks is something you have been willing to try to earn extra cash, this is the right time to start. The above is a comprehensive guide to significantly help you with all the necessary information for selling your used socks.