Selling Used Panties Online Can Be Profitable

Selling used panties online is a highly profitable way to earn money either full-time or passively.If you have an appropriate tactic to market your worn panties, the sales could definitely be successful.

Normally, sellers and the clients of this business are not required to have an in-person transaction so the traders can maintain anonymity. Most used panties trade platforms typically offer traders the choice to maintain anonymity or not. However, most clients find anonymity as the most exciting part of this fetish.

Used panties for sale: Income Potential

Earning income from this business largely depends on the level of effort you put in. On average, traders who are working for quick money can make a nice side income. Notably, the promotion of this business is limited since vendors cannot wear two panties simultaneously. 

Successful traders can make more in a month, with the assistance of their established reputation. One of the great ways to improve chances of acquiring clients and sales is to promote and sell used panties to various online platforms.

Who are the customers for this business?

Men, of course. This business matches a thrilling fetish that most males like. You will be surprised to find out that this market has an increasingly high demand. It is among the most common forms of "underwear fetishism," with men taking the biggest section of the audience.

Typically, the longer the panties are worn, the greater the demand and value it achieves. Used panties have a unique scent that most men find pleasurable and exciting.

What do you need to get started?

Imagination and online persona

Customers will not just acquire a piece of used underwear just because they came across an advertisement online. While traders can still promote their products anonymously, most customers will be motivated to purchase underwear from somebody they can see in an image and have displayed snippets of their personality in real life. 

Also, include a brief biography that can assist you in building your persona. This will greatly enable you to link up with your customers. Write something interesting about your character. You are free to include anything in the biography. But since you are promoting something intimate and personal, try to be playful and sexy in your own way. Additionally, share a little insight and personality from your life so customers would wish to establish a genuine network with you.

Online platforms

Randomly asking around for individuals who may want to buy used panties will not work. Establishing a huge sign board that says “worn panties for sale” is not a great idea also. To start your business, you must create a profile on a digital platform that links up customers and sellers of used panties. 

Proxy address

When venturing into this business, your safety ought to be the biggest priority. Since you do not really want to meet your clients in person, disclosing your personal credentials is risky. Do not ever disclose your real phone number, address, and name to any of your clients. You should always do your transactions virtually. When shipping your product, utilize a proxy address.

The products

Since you are entering into a worn underwear business, you ought to also understand how to get your items ready. In this enterprise, the most critical investment is proper advertising, while the most critical capital is the worn panty itself. If you want to be in the business full-time, maintain a full track of worn panties you own. 

Additionally, prepare some packaging items including boxes, and zip locks, among other containers. The process of packaging is still critical, even on items like worn panties. You also need to include the shipping cost in the sales price because you are making payment for it before the real shipping is done. Shipping used underwear through a ziplock, or vacuum-sealed pocket is the best way to protect scent from leaking.

Pros and cons of selling used panties


  • It is easy - you just need to wear the panties like any other day, establish a listing online, market, and wait for your customer to order.
  • Flexible time - this lucrative business only revolves around packing and shipping your item. You need to only work on your terms at any time in your home.
  • It can be done with other side-hustles


  • Tough competition
  • May be uncomfortable
  • Inconsistent sales

Bottom line

Marketing your used underwear online is a great way to earn a huge amount of money in a month. Especially in this uncertain era, we are looking for side hustles, and this is a reasonably easy one to try (and secure provided you do not disclose your real address). Of course, there is a lot of work needed upfront, but it is worthwhile once you successfully venture into it.