7 Things to Know Before Buying Or Selling Used Underwear

Just because your work friends don’t talk about it at the water cooler, it doesn’t mean it isn’t thriving elsewhere. This can be a handy rule for life. It’s especially relevant to the used underwear market which has never been as lucrative as it is today. Taboo or not, there are hundreds of thousands of people making a living (and having lots of fun) buying and selling used panties online.

The market for used underwear is much bigger than you think and more tightly regulated as well. Websites like snifffr work hard to provide safe, secure communities for those who wish to exchange underwear for extra cash or kink fulfillment. With help from a trusted e-commerce platform, transactions are quick, easy and as sexy or professional as you want them to be.

Things to know before buying or selling used underwear

It’s Just Another E-commerce Transaction

However you feel personally about buying and selling used underwear, it doesn’t change the basic nature of the e-commerce transaction. Whether or not you engage in sexy chat with buyers, post naughty pics or get a kinky thrill out of browsing for G-strings, underwear sales work the same way as any other online purchase. Follow the guidelines and it’s no different from buying or selling on eBay. Some people sell used T-shirts. Others sell used panties.

The Seller Is Always In Control

While there is a small market for men’s used underwear, the overwhelming majority of sellers are female. To keep online communities safe, platforms like snifffr moderate their chat rooms and give sellers the power to choose who they communicate with. Some unscrupulous platforms charge commission on every sale. Fortunately, there are plenty of others that profit from membership fees only and do not get involved in sales.

The best used underwear platforms are middlemen. They host user shops and provide online security but sellers control their photos, services, prices and more.

Buyers Get Protection Too

The onus is on safeguarding sellers from abuse but good used underwear websites have protections in place for buyers too. They require all sellers to pass authentication checks and earn a ‘fake check approved’ icon for their profile. As so-called Fake Checks often involve the submission of a private photograph, the vetting process is handled by the platform and not customers. But the icon is there to say a seller has verified their identity.

It’s also common for used underwear websites to have rating systems just like you’d find on eBay or other e-commerce platforms. Buyers rate sellers based on their trustworthiness to tell other customers whether they’re reliable or not. Buyers and sellers are encouraged to resolve disputes privately but, as a last resort, platforms like Snifffr will step in to protect a buyer who has been mistreated.

Underwears Are As Dirty As You Want Them

The unspoken reality of used underwear markets - the aspect that makes some people squeamish and others delighted - is that ‘used’ can mean whatever you want it to. For most buyers, it means worn and unwashed. The amount of use depends entirely on what a buyer wants and what a seller is comfortable providing. In these online communities, there is talk about sweat and stains.

Some buyers find it irresistible when their favorite sellers wear colorful thongs at the gym. Others go crazy for more extreme activities such as wearing the same pair of unwashed underwear for a week. The type of underwear a seller decides to trade is entirely their own choice but buyers may offer larger sums of money for items with stains or heavy soiling.

You Can Remain Completely Anonymous

Buyers and sellers may need to provide their real name (and sometimes a photograph) to underwear websites as a security precaution. These details are kept private. There’s no obligation to use a real name or photo in your public profile. Users can remain entirely anonymous if they so wish. Most snifffr sellers use Venmo or Google Wallet for transactions because they are very secure and largely anonymous.

If anonymity is a concern for you as a potential buyer, discuss this with your seller and come to an agreement on the best payment and delivery method. Sellers’ addresses are never made public and the platform cautions against writing them anywhere on mail packages. For safety reasons, the return address should also be the buyer’s address.

You Can Start Selling Today

Now that you know the basics, it should be easy to set up a snifffr account or even start your own store. It takes minutes to join as a new buyer. You don’t need to add credit card details because all payments take place outside of the platform. Membership is free but a small fee may be charged for use of chat rooms and private messages.

Sellers don’t pay to open their used underwear stores but they should expect a longer set up process. Fake Checks and other identity controls may take a few hours to be completed. On snifffr, new members can start selling their panties and other items immediately but they must wait to receive Trusted Seller status.

The Fantasy Is the Product

The used underwear community may seem a little strange to newbies but, after a week of getting to know a website’s rules, it all starts to feel familiar. If you’ve hosted any type of e-commerce store before, there are no big surprises here. The products are naughtier but they sell via the use of high-quality photos, interesting videos and honest descriptions just like televisions, summer dresses, package holidays and everything else sold on the internet.

To be a successful seller, try to build a world around your products. Use fantasy to your advantage by creating sexy videos (they don’t have to show your face), chatting with your customers and promoting a real or imaginary identity that buyers want to know. snifffr’s top sellers upload lots of new images, introduce themselves to new members and write clear informative product descriptions.

Are You Ready to Join the Community?

If you’re still unsure, why not spend time browsing a platform like snifffr as a free member. There’s no obligation to pay. Spend as long as you want getting to know the website and deciding if used underwear selling and/or buying is a suitable hobby for you.

The important thing to remember before getting started is that members are responsible for what they share online. It is entirely possible to remain anonymous on a used underwear platform provided you are careful about the details you give out.