Pantydeal Review: Can your used panties create a profit for you?

The mystery and intrigue that comes with used panties up for sale on online platforms are certainly key considerations of which the popularity cannot be denied.

Where this might have been in the past seen as a fetish that hasn’t been spoken of, there is now ample room for providers to easily provide opportunities to move into the used panty marketplace, whether for sellers or buyers eager to tap into this trend.

Today, we are doing a Pantydeal review to see how this online shopping portal matches up with the expectations of sellers and buyers, and whether it is a viable platform for those who fully embrace this industry.

First, let’s take a closer look at this website with a brief description.

What is Pantydeal exactly?

We have to mention early on in our Pantydeal review that the website immediately credits itself at the beginning of its landing page as a leader in its niche.

The website also states that it is a portal where people can enjoy their sexual fantasies, although, considering the nature of the website, this fact is somewhat of a given.

Another key selling point that we saw during our Pantydeal review was that the platform clearly states that it provides “worn panties lovers a lovely place where they can be themselves”. Therefore, there is some promise of personalising the experience, given that some users might be concerned about having discreet interactions on the website in order not to disclose their identity.

Certainly one aspect that we were surprised by during our Pantydeal review, is that the website on the first view has a very somewhat “clean cut” look – it has that feeling of being a bit more upper class, something that other sites might miss with more immediate daring imagery. However, for those visiting the platform for the first time, this lack of provocative imagery (or limit rather) might make them feel that they would want to move on to another platform where they can get their content fix.

Another aspect that we found valuable in terms of content, is that the Pantydeal website has a press section of past news coverage, which does add some merit to shopping on this website – allowing viewers, potential buyers and sellers to read more about the website. This does give clout to the Pantydeal name, although this section might be skipped as the link is only featured at the bottom of every page on the website. Be sure to look out for it.

Buying with Pantydeal

For buyers, joining Pantydeal is absolutely free – something that we gauged during our Pantydeal review would likely appeal to users who first want to browse the website before making a purchase. On the buyers’ landing page, a promise is immediately made that users have reached their one-stop destination for all their used panty needs.

That being said, Pantydeal does offer a variety of choices for buyers and offers the promise of quality services, which might appeal to more high-end buyers who prefer quality items and a more improved experience that other websites might not provide them.

There are also several saucy extras, such as live chats with sellers and picture galleries that can be browsed. However, users also need that navigate the bottom menu bar to find out more about these features.

Selling with Pantydeal

In our Pantydeal review, we noticed that a key part of the page for sellers is underpinning the viability of the worn panties marketplace, and why sellers should consider this venture for multiple panty styles or options.

Pantydeal is, however, not just limited to panty sales. For sellers who choose to do so, they can offer items such as used socks, cam sessions, used bras, used stockings and used sports clothing. This does open up a variety of opportunities for sellers looking to expand their business beyond just offering their used panties up for sale.

Users can also curate and sell private photos or galleries, or do custom requests to boost their business, depending on what they are comfortable with doing.

The website also promises ease of use for sellers, without the need of previously doing online sales, thanks to the support that the website offers. That being said, we do think in some instances, having a background in doing online sales could have some benefits for sellers, as the numbers of this platform clearly indicated a somewhat competitive space for making sales among other sellers.

Pantydeal Review

What services do they offer?

In our Pantydeal review, one thing was clear that the navigation of the website might make it difficult for users to find information on the services provided for both sellers and buyers. Therefore, those interested in exploring this website further need to bear in mind that they will first need to navigate to the bottom of both the seller and buyer pages, and then from there to the benefits sections.

Opportunities for sellers to easily sign up for this marketplace

Sellers can enjoy several perks when signing up for Pantydeal, including:

  • Creating their profiles for free, with guidance provided in articles on the sellers’ page for their bio creation and more.
  • Sellers also get an introduction on how to discreetly package their sales to customers, ensuring that every package allows privacy, but also that appeal of a customer receiving a package specially prepared for them.
  • Sellers can advertise their marketplace on the website and are encouraged to do so in their profile pictures on the website.
  • Pantydeal promises privacy for all sellers.

The support factor was one that stood out for us in our Pantydeal review.

Several products and services to choose from on the Pantydeal website

Buyers can choose from a variety of services on the Pantydeal platform, including:

  • Buying used panties, as well as other used intimates that sellers provide for sale on their individual sale pages.
  • Live web cam chats with sellers for those who would like to add to their experience by chatting with girls that they are interested in. Each of these calls is done discreetly and promises a fulfilling real-time experience.
  • Direct orders from the sellers whose items they are interested in purchasing.
  • Pictures and videos from various sellers to enjoy at leisure.
  • An exclusive “fake check system” where sellers have been verified and all content is guaranteed to be authentic and unique.
  • An experience that promises to be 100% anonymous and safe.

It’s clear that there are many experiences that buyers could tap into for their Pantydeal experience. Not all might be interested in the live chat options, though, or some might alternatively only be interested in these functionalities.

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Pantydeal Magazine

For those interested in saucy content, Pantydeal offers Pantydeal Magazine. Topics that are covered include those ranging from kinky to more tame, such as dealing with menopause and male birth control.

This adds some value to the website, although it is somewhat hard to navigate as the section is also placed lower down on the homepage and to navigate to different sections takes some time. Some visitors to the website might even not spot this section, which is a missed opportunity to place a link at the top of webpages’ navigation bar.

However, for those who have the time to read the articles, these items would perhaps add some value, but for others, this section might be ignored in favour of getting to the actual marketplace sections.


With this offering, buyers can get all the information that they need and promises to cut down time on browsing to the required sections.

Messages and chat system

As mentioned above in our Pantydeal review, the website makes it easy for users to communicate with one another to discuss things. That being said, it could become problematic for sellers when buyers simply used this functionality for communication only, with no sale really on the table, to speak of.

Can you easily make money on Pantydeal?

Pantydeal clearly states on the sellers’ page that there is a high demand for used products due to the popular panty fetish. Also, Pantydeal states that all sellers keep 100% of their profits, with no commission paid to the website.

The website also promises low risk and high demand, but it is important that potential sellers read the fine print: there is high demand. Therefore, to make money on this platform, one needs to make an effort to stand out from competitors, or risk the opportunity of simply fading into the background amongst competing sellers. Considering that most sellers will consult the tips offered for profile creation, it is important to spend extra time to craft a profile that would convert.

Also, as sellers handle the shipping of items, they need to factor this into their item pricing, otherwise, they could operate at a loss, even if they do not have to pay a commission to Pantydeal.

Ensuring you maintain a consistent income stream on Pantydeal

It was clear during our Pantydeal review that if you want to maintain a consistent stream of revenue, you need a steady flow of authentic content to attract potential buyers.

Also, considering how many sellers there are on Pantydeal, it is worth it to diversify your offering and not only settle on one product type when you can attract several buyers with multiple product offerings.

Pantydeal Reviews

Pros and cons

Pantydeal offers several benefits as well as constraints for both buyers and sellers. Let’s first take a look at how sellers are impacted, followed by buyers.

Pros for sellers

  • A sellers’ space that they can truly make their own. Sellers can create authentic experiences as they are comfortable with. Tools are offered on the website to help sellers make the most of their experiences.
  • The ability to sell a variety of pre-loved items. Sellers are just restricted to panties and can also sell other lingerie as they see fit.
  • Sellers do not pay commission and can easily make a profit without worrying about needing to pay fees.
  • The Pantydeal website promises a high level of safety, which will likely appeal to tech-savvy sellers who want to keep their data safe.
  • Pantydeal says that personal details are not shared with external parties.
  • Sellers can be as anonymous as they prefer and do not have to share images of their faces if they do not feel comfortable in doing so. Pantydeal also states that many sellers run their business without showing their faces on the website.

Cons for sellers

  • Although signing up for the Pantydeal website is free, upgrading to a premium account will come with some costs.
  • Because sellers are required to handle shipping, they are liable for these costs, which could impact the prices of the items they offer for sale.
  • There is a high level of competition on this website, which means if a seller’s offering is not unique, they might battle to make their marketplace stand out.
  • In order to stay anonymous, sellers will need to set up separate email accounts as well as PO Boxes, which can be cumbersome for some sellers.

Pros for buyers

  • Several seller profiles to explore and enjoy as they browse to find the content that they are looking for.
  • Authentic profiles that have been vetted to ensure all information provided is valid.
  • Complete privacy and discretion.
  • Messaging tools that will allow them to quickly message the sellers that they are interested in purchasing items from.
  • A support centre that they can contact if they have any order issues.
  • Live chats with authentic cam girls and private chats.
  • Several seductive videos and images from sellers that add to the whole buying experience.
  • As is the case with sellers, personal details are not shared with external parties.
  • Several payment options are accepted on Pantydeal between buyer and seller.
  • Bank statements will not show the Pantydeal website’s details – only the name of the payment provider and subscription ID will be shown.

Cons for buyers

  • Because there is a HUGE bounty of sellers, it could get difficult to find the items that you are interested in.
  • As sellers handle the shipping of buyer’s bought items, you are reliant on their methods of receiving packages, and although there are guidelines for sellers on how to create discreet parcels, there is still the chance that these items might not offer 100% discretion.
  • Pantydeal stickers do not carry any monetary value – they are simply for one member to gift to another (which could have had a lot more value if they were related to discounts and such).

The Pantydeal review verdict: Is it worth the effort?

In our review of the Pantydeal platform, we considered several aspects of this website. The important aspect that visitors need to bear in mind, is that there are several sections to navigate, so they will need to familiarise themselves with the content.

Pantydeal does offer some appeal to selling intimate products in the online marketplace, but sellers need to ensure that they position themselves accordingly to stand out from their competition.

Also, buyers need to remember to make use of the perks that the website offers, such as easy search, to find the content that they are looking for.

Overall, the Pantydeal website can provide key experiences that visitors are looking for – it is just important that both sellers and buyers keep in mind what the limitations of the website are. Pantydeal definitely offers a pleasing visual aesthetic, and its use of colours and design has a modern look and feel.

All in all, this website does provide some convenience, and visitors will likely enjoy the variety of content offered.

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