Sofia Gray Review: Can Your Used Panties Turn Into Income?

When it comes to the allure of cheeky, pre-loved intimate wear, there is no question about it: the fantasy truly comes alive when you have those visuals come to life on an online marketplace where buyers can make purchases from sellers with unique product offerings.

This is where Sofia Gray brings in that edgy side to a business venture. Merging the excitement of kinks, fetishes and, of course, underwear with a seductive story to tell, this platform taps into a market with several business opportunities.

Needless to say, we were eager to take a closer look at this website - and share our Sofia Gray review with our community!

Today, we will be providing insights into what this website offers – not just for sellers but for buyers as well.

First off, let’s start our Sofia Gray review with a brief description of what to expect when you first visit the Sofia Gray website.

What is Sofia Gray?

Sofia Gray cites itself as a “marketplace for the buying and selling of used underwear”. Added to this, the site offers videos and pics, as well as custom content that appeals to a wide audience. This platform is aimed at both buyers and sellers, going beyond just offering eye candy, but also tangible, lovingly used products that can be traded in a space for adults.

This website has a nice  visual persona, which will likely attract those visitors who not only are interested in purchasing or selling previously used sexy underwear, but also in visual content presented in a modern and trendy way. We straightaway noticed the new layout during our Sofia Gray review and how the website has been designed to easily scroll and navigate to areas of interest – on desktop and mobile.

This is certainly a good move towards user experience: allowing users to easily find the content that they are looking for.

Additionally, Sofia Gray also features various blog article reviews, some of which highlight the viable opportunities in similar industries – a good guide for especially sellers who are looking to expand their revenue streams with the same offerings.

Buying with Sofia Gray

When it comes to buying on Sofia Gray, buyers need to liaise directly with sellers about the availability of items, as well as to arrange delivery.

It is understandable that some buyers might feel a bit uneasy with direct communication, and needs to be taken into account when interested in purchasing from this site.

Considering how many, if not most, Internet users prefer the safety of discretion as well as knowing their personal information is secure, we did notice that during our Sofia Gray review how the website clearly makes an effort for customer protection.

Now, what we were surprised to find on the Sofia Gray website, is that custom orders are possible. That opportunity for a uniquely owned experience definitely delivers on authenticity – moving away from a straightforward experience to even more opportunity.

Selling with Sofia Gray

When it comes to instilling a global footprint, Sofia Gray’s platform definitely has done its homework. Sellers are not restricted to certain areas or continents when it comes to marketing and distributing their content – users from anywhere across the globe can sell on their websites. This creates the opportunity for an international community of sellers to come together to connect with buyers from any place in the world.

For sellers looking for a strong income stream, this definitely bodes well in terms of considering where to sell items in a lucrative way.

However, this might prove challenging for some sellers when it comes to international shipping and there are limited resources.

Another factor that needs to be taken into account when selling on Sofia Gray, is that no commissions are taken off sales. However, you will need to pay your monthly access fees to Sofia Gray for an above standard account.

This global compatibility will likely help sellers to maximise their profits, without needing to compromise on earnings.

What services do they offer?

During our Sofia Gray review, we could clearly distinguish that there are different sections on the website – not just buying and selling, but also consumable content.

The Sofia Gray website offers several avenues for exploration – from retail to content that can be easily consumed from the comfort of your computer or smartphone.

Here’s a quick overview of the different offerings:

Opportunities for sellers to create shop fronts and generate income

Sellers can look forward to several services on Sofia Gray,  including:

  • Creating online shop fronts for their used items: Simply choose your undies (lingerie and panties included), sex toys and more, and then start getting your content together. Sign-up is easy and quick, and you will be up and running in no time at all.
  • The opportunity to share pictures and videos: Creating content that will allow you to connect with buyers with that extra bit of intrigue.
  • Messaging options to attract potential buyers. A key feature to add a bit of personality to your profile.
  • Convenient pay-out options with 100% of profits going to sellers. Enjoy income without any hidden costs.

Sellers are in full control of their profiles, and deal directly with buyers, which gives them the freedom to truly market their products authentically.

Sofia Gray

Fantastic, discreet purchases for buyers

For buyers, services include:

  • Browsing several sexy sellers that catch their eyes: All made easy thanks to a filtering system that will put you in touch with ideal sellers according to your preferences.
  • Browse their profiles, free galleries, and any items that they have available for sale. Enjoy every moment of discovering new and exciting content.
  • Buy gorgeous panties, lingerie and sex toys, and unlock private galleries: Personalise your experience from start to finish!
  • Gain permanent access to all of your favourite pics and clips: Want to revisit your favourite sellers’ profiles and content? It’s so easy!

Because of the discreet nature, buyers can enjoy a shopping experience that also adds to their credibility – which means as buyers their profiles become equally attractive to sellers. This is one aspect that we think some websites in this arena often overlook: not creating the same opportunities for buyers to stand out and attract sellers. However, Sofia Gray has clearly done its homework to cover this area.

We have to mention in our Sofia Gray review that we think a big draw card of the website is the custom order option. Using this feature, you can make your ultimate fantasies come true with the items you have in mind to purchase being worn in a certain way, with even videos and images to indulge in your most intimate fantasies.

This underpins, in our book, customer service: creating this space where every experience can be yours to tailor to your interests.

Sofia Gray is fantastic, but you’re on snifffr already, get started now


SG Coins

During our Sofia Gray review, we also took a close look at the use of SG coins. This currency can be used for everything from transactions and messages to interactions between buyers and sellers. However, for users who prefer straightforward transactions, this might be foreign territory to explore.

How it works, is that when buyers purchase their SG Coins, they can use these elements to unlock videos, pictures, custom offers and more.

Sellers can also benefit here, as they can set their prices per SC Coins – all while still knowing the value of their items in USD, thanks to an easy-to-use currency converter.

But, as noted, for both sellers and buyers, this website-bound currency could prove a challenge when it comes to transactions.

Partner Program

With the promise of high conversions and fast pay-outs, the Sofia Gray Partner Program is something to consider. Fast – and free! – to sign up for, you get instant access to a personalised referral dashboard that contains your earning history, as well as coupon codes and referral links.

Whenever someone clicks on your referral links, with the objective to become a buyer or seller, you get rewarded too. For instance, if someone clicks on your links and signs up for a 12-month seller membership, you can score a sweet 40% in commission.

On the other hand, you can also gain 5% on all buyer purchases, which doesn’t expire at all.

So, how do you ensure that your links get seen by the world?

The Sofia Gray website recommends including your referral links on your website, social media channels, blogs, or even with friends.

Informative blog

During our Sofia Gray review, we took a closer look at its blog entries. We were interested in how so many shared interests are showcased here – as well as advice on how to navigate other sites, such as OnlyFans and CamSoda.

Each review is well-researched, topical and has enough data to speak with authority. Also, every piece is written in-depth to truly accurately describe what you can expect when visiting certain websites and platforms.

This is truly a section gift-wrapped for the Sofia Gray target audience: providing a bird’s eye view of areas of interest that they might like to explore further, but up until now was not sure how or whether they should proceed.

That being said, those visitors who are just interested in the marketplace component of this website might not pay as much attention to this section if they are merely visiting this site with clear purchases in mind.


During our Sofia Gray review, we came across another section of interest. Available on iTunes, Spotify, Google Podcasts and Stitcher, Sofia Gray’s podcast focuses on subjects such as sex, kinks, fetishes and more. This feature adds to the Sofia Gray platform content offering: not only does it cater to its sellers’ marketplace, but it also tackles topics and themes that its target audience is interested in and would listen to.

Presented by hosts Lacey and Trace, there are several subjects to explore, from raunchy to even somewhat tamer.

This can definitely be considered as a value-add for the website, but as with the blog, this section might be skimmed over by buyers who are focused on making purchases and investing their time browsing seller profiles.

Sofia Gray

Can you easily make money on Sofia Gray?

With many potential buyers frequenting this website, as well as more signing up every day, there is plenty of opportunity to monetise your offerings and earn money on this platform.

Because sellers retain 100% of their profits, the ball is in their court to market their profiles in the best possible way. Savvy sellers will have no problem attracting buyers to their profiles – as long as they create an experience that taps into the tastes and preferences of their ideal buyers.

Sofia Gray members who are part of the Partner Program can also boost their income with this passive revenue stream, provided that they are actively involved in making their referral links visible and placed on the correct platforms.

Also, with recurring commissions, you can get paid every time a referred user makes a purchase within a year.

Ensuring you maintain a consistent income stream on Sofia Gray

As mentioned above, the big thing about truly boosting your sales on this platform is by putting in the effort.

A profile that is alluring yet authentic is the first step. So, create an online presence that is business savvy, speaks to your ideal customer and allows you to create a selling platform that you can easily manage, on your own terms.

While doing our Sofia Gray review, it was clear that there is plenty of opportunity to truly embrace your own selling technique.

Also, as long as you keep communication channels open with potential buyers and truly create an experience that makes them want to return, there is definitely potential for consistent business.

Pros and cons of becoming part of the Sofia Gray community

If you are keen to join Sofia Gray, it is important to keep both the pros and cons of the site in mind. Let’s first look at the pros.


  • For sellers, the Sofia Gray website offers an income stream for those who are keen to sell a wide variety of intimate products. Equally, buyers can look forward to a wide range of items that align with their ultimate fantasies or preferred interests.
  • There is a lot of personalisation on this website, which makes every purchase a more unique interaction that goes beyond just the exchange of goods and money. Sellers and buyers can enjoy interactions in a safe space, plus sellers can choose how they present the items that they are offering.
  • Because sellers can easily put their own personal stamp on their profiles, it is easy to communicate unique selling points.
  • Thanks to custom order requests, buyers can also gain so much more than just an average transaction – their wildest fantasies might just come true!
  • Sellers who sign up for the Partner Program will receive detailed statistics on their dashboard, which will allow them to easily see when they made their best profits – and which days are the best for doing business!

Now, there are some considerations when it comes to using the Sofia Gray website. These aren’t per se negative points, but more areas that you need to bear in mind if you are keen to join the sight. Have a look below.


  • Sellers are advised to pack their items that are ready for shipping as discreetly as possible – the Sofia Gray platform doesn’t physically handle any products itself. Therefore, the onus is on the seller to ensure that each package is wrapped as such to provide a level of privacy for a buyer.
  • Sending off parcels is also the sellers’ responsibility, including tracking numbers.
  • International shipping can also come at a higher cost and will need to be established upfront.
  • Therefore, as a seller, you need to be comfortable with handling shipping aspects, while still retaining your privacy.
  • Also, as a buyer, this makes it important to instil trust with a seller.

Worth the effort?

During our Sofia Gray review, it was clear that this platform is a coming together of fantasy and real-life, combined with sellers and many opportunities to make money through shared interests.

A big part of this website is that it is run as a marketplace and a portal for sellers and buyers to connect: not only buying and selling, but also creating content for those who are eager to explore various topics.

If you have been keen to explore a world of lovingly used intimate wear and more, this website has global appeal and more than enough abundance to allow you the experience you have been interested to explore further.

However, do bear in mind that, together with direct interactions between buyers and sellers, this is not a platform-curated marketplace - the content of especially the sellers are each unique, which can be both positive and negative, depending on quality.

That lack of a middleman might be a concern for some buyers, so keep in mind if you prefer a bit more shopping security.

All in all, our Sofia Gray review revealed that this website can unlock many fantasies – whether as a seller or buyer – so definitely worth checking out and exploring. Do remain realistic, as the personalised profiles could range from higher to lower quality.

Sofia Gray is fantastic, but you’re on snifffr already, get started now