Scented Pansy Review: Can Selling Used Panties Make You Money?

With several online platforms offering the opportunity to indulge in the fantasy of collecting used underwear, many websites have turned this fetish preference into a lucrative business where sellers take the lead in putting their products up for sale for those buyers who would be keen to purchase their items. In today’s Scented Pansy review, we are taking a closer look at this commerce platform where both sellers and buyers can actively take part.

What is Scented Pansy?

This website credits itself as a platform where people can “buy and sell dirty panties” online –backed by a support team that cares.

Also, in our Scented Pansy review, we noticed how the website upfront states that it is “a classier, trustworthy, and more secure underground network for the used panty fetish community” – which is likely to appeal to users who prefer discretion and privacy.

On the homepage, the website features a short video of sellers who tell visitors more about why they enjoy selling on Scanted Pansy. Some of the feedback we observed during our Scented Pansy review included:

  • That people love how “the customers are fantastic”
  • Being able to make “connections with people across the world”
  • It is “fetish-friendly”
  • Kinks are not “judged”
  • Enjoying feeling sexy
  • “Interacting with new fans”
  • The website is easy to use
  • Sellers enjoy their experience of interacting with buyers

While watching this teaser video on the website for our Scented Pansy review, it was clear that this platform has a very authentic feel with sellers that are relatable and clear about why they are selling on this platform.

Some of the testimonials also demonstrate how it is easy for buyers and sellers to make connections, which is likely a factor that would appeal to members not just looking to buy used intimate wear.

Buying with Scented Pansy

In our Scented Pansy review, we quickly assessed that the buying process is easy. Once signed up, buyers can start browsing profiles to determine which sellers appeal the most to their tastes.

The website does offer some recommendations, such as:

  • Reducing the risk of fraud, which includes ensuring having an SP order number before making a panty deal and only using the SP ordering system. Otherwise, the support team might not be able to assist if the process hasn’t been followed.
  • Having a look at the sellers’ reviews before ordering.
  • Checking that a seller has a verified badge in order to instil trust.
  • Only using the SP inbox for communication to ensure every part of the ordering process moves along smoothly.

One thing that we did notice during our Scented Pansy review, is that the website clearly communicates a message that would appeal to those who like to indulge in the used panty industry. It also states some research facts at the bottom of the buyers’ page, which gives some credit to the panty fetish, which could create some common ground for those buyers who want to be certain that they are visiting the right platform to appeal to their tastes.

Selling with Scented Pansy

In our Scented Pansy review, we quickly determined that there is a lot of information for potential sellers to work with, starting with tips on setting up their profiles, as well as how to protect their privacy, accepting payments, shipping responsibilities and more.

There is also some explanation regarding VIP content, which can be lucrative for sellers who want to create more interest in their profiles.

The site also offers another layer of payment with SP coins offered, which can be transferred instantly. Scented Pansy does advise sellers to not make use of their personal PayPal accounts for payments, and that SP coins might be better to use.

What services does Scented Pansy offer?

During our Scented Pansy review, we could clearly distinguish a couple of categories that the platform offers for those visiting the website, including buying, selling, SP coins as well as Puddin Magazine.

Here is a quick overview of each section

Scented Pansy is fantastic, but you’re on snifffr already, get started now


Seller services

Sellers who are eager to bring their used panties to market and engage with buyers can look forward to the following offerings:

  • The opportunity to create a unique profile per seller and having the opportunity to engage with several sellers around the globe.
  • Sellers can choose a free basic membership, or opt for a premium €8.50/month membership.
  • They also have access to a free analytics dashboard where they are able to track their earnings as well as manage their orders in one place.

Buyer services

Over and above the convenience of being able to shop for used panties, buyers can enjoy other benefits as well, such as:

  • Browsing several profiles and messaging sellers whose items they are interested in.
  • Having a safe and discreet platform to explore.
  • Also having the opportunity to leave honest and fair reviews regarding their experiences with sellers.

SP Coins

In our Scented Pansy review, we took note of SP Coins being an option for payments.

According to the site’s FAQ section, the following applies to SP Coins:

  • They can be used on the platform as a way to boost listings, buy photo/video content (this is done via coin listings), can be sent as a tip or a gift, or be used to enter votes in SP Contests.
  • Each Coin is equal to 10c, and 10 coins are valued at $1.
  • On the one hand, payouts are processed through Bitsafe, while buying coins is done via Verotel.

The website does offer an explainer in the FAQ section on how the SP Coins work – so there is a guide for sellers and buyers to reference as needed. Needless to say, buyers and sellers need to carefully consider this feature, as it can unlock further content for buyers especially, which we will explain in the next services section.


The Scented Pansy website notes that “VIP is a private collection of media integrated directly into the site”.

Something that buyers and sellers need to take note of here, is that VIP content is only accessible via coin payments. For those who prefer to not do off-site payments, this will likely have an appeal.

The VIP sections of various sellers can be found on their profiles, but to access this content is, as mentioned, via coin payments and therefore not free. Also, as the website explains, VIP subscriptions are different from seller to seller.

Each seller sets up their own prices and plans, which could range from 3-month plans to annual plans or in some cases lifetime access. This is something that buyers need to keep in mind when it comes to managing expectations, especially if they are purchasing content from multiple sellers on the platform.

Puddin Magazine

The blog section of the website covers several topics that would appeal to the used panty fetish community, using bold imagery that would easily grab attention when browsing this website. During our Scented Pansy review, we did find browsing took a bit longer as it would on other sites, due to the larger images used with the blog introductory titles.

The link is also in the top menu corner, which means first-time visitors to the website might miss out on it when browsing the website the first time.

Also, another consideration is that visitors to the website might skip this section if they are not keen on consuming blog content and want to simply start browsing items for sale immediately.

YouTube Channel

Visitors to and users of the Scented Pansy website can easily navigate to the platform’s YouTube channel, where there are a couple of videos of sellers discussing tips for using the website.

For those interested in starting to sell products on the Scented Pansy marketplace, it can be a good consideration to review. Seeing the types of sellers and hearing their real-life experiences can guide potential sellers to see whether they want to engage on the platform or not.

There haven’t been video posts recently, but there is still enough content to get a reasonable idea of how Scented Pansy works, and how current sellers are experiencing the website.

Scented Pansy

Can you easily make money on Scented Pansy?

One aspect that we picked up while doing our Scented Pansy review, was that the website does encourage authenticity, and various tips to help sellers build their shops’ reputations through reviews of their orders.

For reviews especially, it is important to provide a consistently good service, as this will ensure that the reviews that you receive are fair and trustworthy.

That being said, it is important to bear in mind to keep all transactions on the website, as it offers a high level of security for sellers. If transactions are taken off-site, the platform won’t be able to provide the same level of support as it would have been able to if a transaction had been done on the site itself.

Scented Pansy also highlights the following tips for sellers regarding etiquette on the website:

  • Sellers need to be respectful at all times.
  • Spam is not received favourably.
  • Neither is mentioning or even referring competing websites.
  • The website also encourages sellers to report any abuse or scams.
  • Scented Pansy provides the opportunity for sellers to report disputes, keeping in mind that evidence such as screenshots need to be provided.

Ensuring you maintain a consistent income on Scented Pansy

Considering the high level of competition that sellers could face when it comes to creating awareness for their profiles, it is clear that one aspect that they will need to pay attention to make their profiles more desirable.

Some of these considerations mentioned on the Scented Pansy website include:

  • Personalising a profile and including details such as interests and hobbies.
  • Whether any special requests are accommodated.
  • Which specific products are offered.
  • Considering showcasing your personality by wearing costumes or alluring lingerie with photos with good lighting.

Sellers are not required to show their faces in photos, which could be a perk for those who want to discreetly sell their products.

Pros and cons of becoming part of the Scented Pansy community

If you are interested to join the Scented Pansy platform – either as a buyer or a seller – it is important to keep the below pros and cons in mind.

Let’s first review considerations for sellers.

What sellers need to know


  • For sellers, Scented Pansy offers the opportunity to generate an income stream in an online space where they can have the opportunity to showcase their products to several potential buyers –even globally.
  • There is a considerable amount of support that the website offers, which can help sellers have extra protection if any deal goes sour.
  • Sellers can provide an authentic service – considering the various video content guidance available.
  • Sellers can make use of the Scented Pansy website’s messaging portal, which adds a level of security.
  • They do not have to show their faces if they do not feel comfortable doing so.
  • Each seller has access to their personalised dashboard, which makes managing their storefronts easier.
  • Thanks to the review option, sellers can also boost their credibility with real-life testimonials from buyers and how their experienced sellers’ products.
  • Although SP coins are advised for digital item purchases, other options are available, such as Cash App or Google Pay. However, as previously mentioned in our Scented Pansy review, it is advised not to use private PayPal methods.


  • Sellers are responsible for shipping their items discreetly to buyers. This means that they need to factor in shipping costs, as well as ensure that they do not compromise their safety or privacy by including private addresses.
  • The shipping process guidelines need to be closely followed, which might be overwhelming for sellers just starting out on the website.
  • It is advised that SP coins are used for digital items. This means that buyers need to be comfortable using this process, especially if they want to purchase/access VIP content.
  • Premium membership is paid-for.

Now, let’s take a look at considerations for buyers.

What buyers need to know


  • Access to several sellers who offer products that tap into the used panty niche and fetishes.
  • A safe platform where they can discreetly browse content and contact sellers whose items they are interested in.
  • A convenient website that looks and feels authentic, clearly designed for buyers with an interest in buying used panties from real-life sellers.
  • Connecting with sellers and building buyer-seller connections that can stretch beyond just one purchase.


  • Premium membership is paid-for, and VIP content can only be purchased with SP Coins. This means that if buyers are comfortable using this platform-specific currency, they might not be able to access the content.
  • Those who do have access to coins, need to bear in mind the subscription for VIP content differs from seller to seller, so there isn’t a fixed price that they can reference. For some, this will mean needing to consider each subscription carefully to ensure that they get the best deal for the content that they are purchasing.
  • As sellers are responsible for shipping, buyers need to be aware that they need to rely on the discretion of sellers to provide items that are packaged according to the website standards.
  • Understandably, there is no app available for the website to access, as, according to the website’s FAQ section, adult content is not allowed on the app store. Buyers, therefore, need to bear in mind that if they want discretion when purchasing their items, to do so at home, or from a safe browsing space where they will be able to privately conduct sales with sellers.

Is Scented Pansy worth the effort?

For those who are keenly interested in the used panty – or “dirty panty”, if you will – industry, this website certainly offers a user-friendly space where sellers and buyers can do business.

It does present an authentic character, and as each seller’s offering is unique to their signature personalities or level of comfort, there is a level of appeal.

Also, as the website promises a strong support profile, it does provide some ease of mind for sellers who do need that extra assurance of having a “lifeline” if there should arise problems while being part of the website.

For buyers who are craving extra content and are willing to spend a little more on the website, the VIP section can certainly appeal to their tastes, especially if they want to combine buying tangible products with getting digital content.

All in all, Scented Pansy certainly clearly communicates the clientele that it caters for – so, those with a fetish for used panties are sure to delight in the products on offer. It has a distinct character but also has a clear business model that demonstrates to sellers how they can create an income stream easily.

One final thought regarding buyers on Scented Pansy: Do bear in mind that as each seller’s offering varies from one to another, there might not be the same level of satisfaction with every product. Thus, ensure that you realistically review each opportunity.

Scented Pansy is fantastic, but you’re on snifffr already, get started now