The Sniffing Sock Fetish

When most people think of fetishes, they tend to picture the more outlandish ones: rubber or leather, spanking, bondage, domination, etc. However, even if you've never given this much thought, other everyday fetishists exist; you just don't hear about them very often. One example of such a fetish that's rarely discussed is the sniffing sock fetish. A person with this fetish gets sexual arousal from smells such as used socks or sweaty feet. They will often smell the items to reach climax. 

What Is a Sock Fetish?

A sock fetish is when the inheritance of used socks heightens sexual desire and causes arousal. People with a used socks fetish may be attracted to a range of socks, from thigh-high to ankle sock length. It's also common for people who like this fetish to want to smell their partner's socks before they put them on to savor their scent.

Origin of the Dirty Socks Fetish

Many people are interested in dirty sock fetish as a way to express their sexuality. Some use it as an outlet for sexual fantasies. Others like the thought of being dominated by someone with sweaty feet and using their socks to control them. Dirty sock fetish can be seen in many different ways, but they all have one thing in common: they love the smell of stinky, used socks.

The psychology behind the fetish

Most people are familiar with the term foot fetish, and they understand why someone might be attracted to feet. Feet have a lot of sensory receptors, so it makes sense that some people would find feet erotic or even attractive. But what about the opposite? What if you were attracted to the smell of dirty socks? Well, like with foot fetish, the psychology behind the dirty socks fetish is related to sexual arousal. There are two main theories as to why this occurs:  The idea of the taboo makes it appealing; and it's related to pheromones- there has been research linking sexual arousal in humans and animals when exposed to specific pheromones, including sweat-related ones. 

Why People Like Buying Used Socks Online

People with a sock fetish love buying used socks online for several reasons:

Cost efficient

Buying new socks can be costly, and people with this fetish would rather save money and still get the smell they crave by buying used ones. The person selling the socks does not care if you are going to wear them or smell them; all he cares about is that he gets their money in return. 


It is easier for people with this fetish to find what they want by using an online store that has everything neatly organized into categories based on sizes, colors, textures, etc. They don't need to go from store to store or struggle with overcrowding,  trying to find something as specific as dirty, used, or even smelly socks. Besides, they can shop and get their parcel delivered anytime, anywhere.


It is much easier to remain anonymous when buying used socks from an online marketplace. There are no clerks who know exactly what you are buying or that you have a fetish for smelling these types of items. 

How Payment is Made From Buyer to Seller 

Payment for used socks may be made using a variety of platforms depending on what the buyer agrees with the seller. Example platforms are Venmo, Google Wallet, Apple Pay, Payoneer, and Amazon Pay. Generally, the payment process require you to have an account with the respective service provider. For example, if you want to use Venmo to purchase your dirty socks, you will need a Venmo account set up in advance. 

Once your account is established, there are two different ways to send money: through the website or the mobile app. If you choose to pay through the app, click on the "pay or request" icon and enter the recipient's email, phone number, or username. You can enter how much money you would like to send and fill out any additional information that might be necessary, such as what the payment was for, and then proceed to complete the transaction. 

The Process of Selling Used Socks

The selling process is relatively straightforward:

  1. Create an enticing account
  2. Put up a description of what the buyer will get 
  3. Upload photos of the socks
  4. Input price of the socks
  5. Have an engaging conversation with the potential customer while trying to get personal and learn more about them. Be sure to build a rapport and encourage them to come back for more.
  6. Customer sends payment through the agreed platform
  7. Ship the commodity to your  customer as soon as possible 
  8. Get ready to sell some more dirty, smelly used socks!