The Best Used Panty Fetish Website

Used panty fetish has become extremely popular on the internet. It is a popular online business. A lot of women can now sell their dirty undergarments to pay bills. snifffr is an online platform that provides the ultimate market to buy and sell the used panties. It is unique in its own ways because privacy is highly maintained. The used panty fetish is, therefore, the best way to go. It is a win-win situation because you earn money and remain unknown. Read on, to know about the trending used panty fetish that is fascinating.

How it works

snifffr connects a multitude of buyers and sellers on its website. There are a number of prerequisites in place to operate successfully. The steps below will make you an expert in the used panty fetish market.

Sign up Process

The used panty fetish site requires you to sign up first. The process is simple and quick for users. You can either create a buyer or seller account. The information required does not need personal data. You will be anonymous all through the transactions. Thus, you will create a username which can be any name. Then you will need to input your date of birth. This is crucial because only those above 18 years can access the site. Finally, the country that you reside in is needed. The best part about the sign-up is that it is free. After creating the account, you are good to do business.

Online Chats

After signing up, you can proceed to talk with the clients. You can converse with buyers who like your items. There is an optimal strategy to go about this. You can post the used panties to your online shop on snifffr. As a seller, you need to have clear images of the product. This will attract people to your account.

Buyers, on the other hand, can have a look at the items at snifffr. Then, you can satisfy the used panty fetish with diverse products. When you get those that you like, you can talk to the seller. Here, you can come to an agreement about the prices.

Private Messaging

This makes the website the most outstanding of all the used panty fetish sites. The private messaging option is vital to all clients. This means that what you talk about is private. All users enjoy this feature because they get to trade the items with high privacy. Sellers need to upgrade to a premium account to access private messages and online chat.

Fake Check

To get the most out of used panty fetish, you need legit users. Thus, you need to look for sellers who have been approved using a fake check. The badge is crucial when you require authentic sellers. The fake check procedure requires sellers to upload their standard image. The seller holds an A4 paper with the name snifffr written on it with the date of that particular day. The site will have a look at the images. Hence, the profile will have fake check approval budge. This shows that the seller has passed the required conditions to operate.


The arrangements rest entirely on the buyer and the seller. With that said, snifffr does not take part in shipping. The used panty fetish can only be achieved once the buyer receives the product. They need to indicate their exact addresses. This will allow for efficient shipping to the location. The shipping expenses will be determined by your geographical location. In the US, the selling price might include shipping costs.


Sellers determine the prices of the dirty panties. Buyers with used panty fetish can negotiate on the cost. Therefore, payment terms are between the users. snifffr is not involved in the payment process. As a seller, you should wait to receive payment before sending the package. The payment can be done via Google Wallet or Venmo or any other payment platform that you choose. You cannot use PayPal because it prohibits adult content money transfers.

Bottom Line

snifffr gives clients who require used panty fetish services an excellent market. Sellers also get a conducive place to trade their goods. The chats are totally private which makes the platform distinct. Hence, if you have used panty fetish join snifffr today. You will get products as per your preference and taste. You will buy dirty panties privately and get them delivered. You can get to enjoy your used panty fetish conveniently. snifffr is an incredible place to have fun.