Why Do Men Buy Used Panties?

Thousands of people around the world buy used panties daily. It is a fetish, but it really does fetch money for the seller. Those who have a fetish for women's panties or vise versa have a breakthrough since you can now buy used panties from any willing seller.

Who can buy used panties?

Literally, anyone can buy used panties so long as you meet the age requirements of the platform where you want to buy from. snifffr, for example, is one of the world's most popular sites to buy used panties from. Anyone who wants to buy used panties from snifffr must be at least 18 years old. So if you are a minor, you've got to wait for your time before you indulge in adult business!

Buyers range from:

  • Men buying men's underwear
  • Ladies buying ladies' panties
  • Men buying ladies' panties

Those who buy used panties do so for obvious reasons, but some can be very interesting. So if you thought men's panties are not on demand, then now you know.

Why do people buy used panties?

  • It is a very popular fetish
  • When you buy used panties, you get to feel the woman since it is the most intimate piece of a woman's clothing.
  • You can buy used panties and through them, form a lasting sexual relationship with the woman.
  • It doesn't hurt to help the seller declutter if you desperately need her used panties, does it?

Where can you buy used panties?

You do not have to stress yourself if you want to buy used panties. There are many willing sellers on snifffr who are ready to let you buy used panties from them.

Using snifffr when you want to buy used panties has several advantages such as:

  • You can choose to remain anonymous so the world wouldn't know that you are out to buy used panties.  
  • You decide the seller you want to buy used panties from. You are never forced to buy from anyone. That means you are free to form a lasting relationship with the seller from whom you buy used panties.
  • You get to view pre-shot videos and photos of the panty owner in the panties that you want to buy, to authenticate ownership and help you fantasize! Note that not all sellers will do this.
  • snifffr does not advocate for a particular payment method, so you choose what is convenient for you and the seller from whom you want to buy used panties.