5 Tips if you want to sell used pantyhose online

Sheer and soft, sparkling and glamorous, embellished and more. When it comes to used pantyhose, the thrill that these items can provide is undeniable.

sell used panthose online Worn pantyhose fetishes are alive and well, and they can provide pleasurable experiences in so many ways. For some, it can be touching and smelling the materials, while others might prefer trying them on for extra satisfaction, or watching someone else putting them on.

For others, a pantyhose fetish could be associated with certain outfits and the fantasies that they inspire. Pantyhose is sometimes associated with its proximity to the skin, which in itself can be a turn-on for the fetish community.

One thing is certain: Selling used pantyhose online can be a cheeky source of money for sure – just ask the mom who made a staggering ₤50 for doing just that! She is not the only one who has seen

Often, those in the kink community who adore used pantyhose also have a foot-smelling fetish. And if you plan to sell your used pantyhose online, this means there is a wide community of buyers just waiting to see your listings!

On a marketplace such as snifffr, it is really easy to get started with putting your dirty pantyhose up for sale – here are our five top tips to help you get started!

1. Sell your used tights on the right online platform

If you want to start your journey as a seller the right way, you need to pick the right online marketplace. This way, you can connect with great buyers without needing to worry that they are the real deal.

On a legit platform such as snifffr, you can easily set up your profile and enjoy listing fantastic used pantyhose that buyers would be interested in. You can list as many items as you would like to and that you can manage – each with its own appeal and scents. Moreover, the ‘republish’ functionality allows to simply republish the same item over and over again without having to re-upload all the details. This gives you maximum exposure to get those sales done!

Our marketplace specifically allows you to create your profile without any hassle – and when you start selling, you know you can enjoy a level of discretion too.

2. Take fantastic pictures that will attract buyers’ attention – and don’t forget the story behind them

The pictures and stories behind selling dirty pantyhose are super important. After all, a great story can really sell a product. If you’ve worn your pantyhose to work, a date, or even as a flight attendant, this can add to the allure of your dirty tights.

Also, how you pose with your pantyhose can make someone’s heart race – especially if you have gorgeous legs that are perfect to show off those sheer stockings! Just remember, there are buyers who love all different body shapes and sizes, so don’t think you need the look of catwalk model from the 1990’s!

There is no set rule that you have to show your face in pictures – do ensure, though, that potential buyers can easily get an idea of how your items look. Wearing them is best, as they can be displayed beautifully, whether you show a bit of leg or more. Be creative and descriptive in your postings to entice your buyers!

3. Remember, you need to wear those pantyhose before selling them – and do not wash them!

Just as you would not wash your dirty socks before selling them, you need to retain the unique odours of your used pantyhose. Buyers are looking for items that have certain smells – they wouldn’t be showing their interest in your pantyhose if they simply just wanted to buy any random pair.

Be careful when wearing your pantyhose so that you do not damage them. Some buyers might not mind the odd run or hole, but try to keep them looking good for the most part. You really do not want to try to sell a pair that looks ripped to shreds, so keep them in the best possible condition.

4. Have enough variety for buyers to choose from

Ask any fashion-conscious individual, and they are sure to tell you: There are a lot of pantyhose styles out there. Everything from fishnets and nylons to polyester and even wool blends can be found, plus loads of colours and patterns.

All of these – and more! – appeal to various types of buyers, so ensure you have enough stock where buyers can find exactly what they are looking for. Some might like to sniff and feel more traditional types of tights, while others love bold colours or small details such as buttons or bows.

Ensure that you cater for a wide market on your profile. Do not focus on just one interest - see whether you can mix things up with different styles or looks.

5. Package your dirty pantyhose discreetly once they are bought

Once you’ve struck a deal with a buyer, your next step is to ship their goods discreetly. First vacuum pack your stockings to retain their unique scents, then use non-see-through outer packaging to wrap everything up neatly.

Remember to only use your buyer’s address for both the send and receive sections on the packaging – this way, you can maintain a level of privacy and do not have to worry that your personal address is revealed.

Bonus tip: Price your items reasonably

A pair of pantyhose can easily make you $25 – just bear in mind that some pairs might be a bit more showy while other can be more plain.

Do not undercharge though – you want to make sales, not feel like you are almost “giving away” items for nothing!

Remember that if there add-ons requested by the buyer, then you need to charge more. For example, some sellers will charge $5 - $10 per extra 24 hours worn.

Let your legwear do the talking – the used pantyhose marketplace is yours for the taking!

Selling used pantyhose can be a fantastic way to make money from items that you yourself have felt sensational in. Ensure that you bring this energy to every listing: This will allow you to create a selling destination where buyers will be ready to snap up amazing used tights with distinct odours and designs.


We hope you’ve enjoyed this article so far – here are some extra bits of information if you are interested in selling used pantyhose online. If you need any other advice, simply let us know!

Absolutely – on snifffr, we have a dedicated space for sellers to list their used pantyhose that buyers can browse and buy from.
For sellers who are older than 18 and only sell to buyers who are older than 18, it is completely legal. You will be required to pass an age verification check to ensure you are over 18.
You definitely can! As long as you have an appealing inventory, price your used tights correctly and make the time to interact with buyers and provide paid-for bonus content, you can easily earn extra cash.
Anything around $25 per pair, but this is up to what the seller and buyer agree upon.
It is, and it taps into the foot-smelling fetish too in some cases.
It’s always a good idea to have enough stock of used pantyhose. Remember, you will need to have worn them so that they have your unique scent – it’s part of the reason why people buy these items.
It is up to you how much you would like to show – most importantly, you need to show your dirty pantyhose in clear, crisp photos where buyers can see exactly how they look.

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Written by: Laura Thorpe