Unleashing Your Inner Entrepreneur: Selling Used Underwear and More On Snifffr

For many budding self-starters, the idea of branching out and earning an income stream on their own terms is an exciting opportunity. They can call the shots and decide how they conduct their business and how much time they spend on their chosen entrepreneurial path.

Some might prefer making unique goods or doing freelance work, while others dive into the untapped potential of online marketplaces. And for those ready for an exciting challenge, selling used underwear and other personal items can be the start of a fantastic opportunity to become an entrepreneur in their own right.

Selling Used Underwear

Now, if you are still new to the world of selling items such as dirty underwear and used socks, you might be wondering: How can my used items turn me into a savvy entrepreneur and make me earn cash on a regular basis?

To put you in the picture: A simple pair of dirty knickers can earn you anything from $20 upwards to even higher!

And a pair of used socks? You could be looking at cashing in between $10 and $30 (or more!) per pair from buyers interested in the unique scents that they carry.

There certainly is potential to build a business – or even a side income – with your used items, especially when you appeal to the tastes of those in the kink community who have an underwear fetish.

On a marketplace such as snifffr, we have created a platform where the underwear fetish community can truly enjoy exploring various options available to them. This is also the place where entrepreneurial sellers, such as yourself, can start listing preloved items and build a business where you can determine who to sell to, and what you would like to list. You can focus on one type of item, such as dirty panties, or branch out to socks, used pantyhose and bras too.

The best part is both men and women can become sellers, and it can be as easy to start as signing up and creating a profile for yourself!

In this article, we show you how you can sell your used items on snifffr, plus some tips and tricks to make the most of your unique business as an up-and-coming entrepreneur.

Keep on reading until the end, as we will share some FAQs as well that are super useful for sellers.

So, what does the demand for used underwear and other items look like?

Dirty panties, outfits and even silk stockings are often sought out by the fetish community – for others, it can be as simple as being collectors of certain items (even those from celebrities!) where they can get to own items that they have been coveting.

Some fans will find the smell satisfaction of used socks to be the ultimate thrill, as every footy sense is unique and brings forth so much sensory satisfaction.

Used panties are certainly a viable avenue to explore as well. If priced right, you can make a good profit once your online business is up and running. This includes selling men’s used underwear, giving an even playing field for sellers on our online marketplace.

So, if you want to maximise your opportunities for profits, it is a good idea to look into how you can list in multiple categories. After all, why stick to just one selling category when you have a lot to offer!

Let’s have a look now at how you can flex your entrepreneurial muscles on snifffr.

How to start selling dirty panties, used socks and more on snifffr

The first thing you need to consider when it comes to selling on snifffr, over and above the requirement of being older than 18, is how many categories you want to cover.

The categories we have on our marketplace include:

Think about what you would be up for selling. Some sellers might prefer to start with just one item category and then grow their business from there, while others might be happy to go all in with several category items.

Whichever approach you choose, keep the following in mind:

  1. Ensure that your seller’s page looks interesting. Pay close attention to the words you use and that the images of your listings are in-focus. You are under no obligation to show your face in pictures, but do ensure that potential buyers can get a good idea of the products they could be buying. Buyers want to create a connection with a seller, so showing your face allows this connection. This can encourage more sales too, but it is not mandatory.
  2. Be realistic about pricing your items. If you go too high with your prices, you might struggle to make sales as buyers could feel they aren’t getting a fair deal. If you are specifically planning to sell used panties, check out our guide on how to put the right price tag on your items.
  3. Stuck about what to list? If you are unsure about which used underwear items you could sell on snifffr, we’ve got a fantastic cheat sheet of top items to consider.
  4. Think about how you will position your brand. Your profile is your own to create, so take the time to establish how you will be presenting your “brand” on your seller’s profile. Have a look here at other sellers profile to see what they are doing and how you can be different from others.
  5. Keep in mind that selling used underwear and other items is a process that will gather momentum. If you do not instantly make money, remember that the effort that you put in initially will pay off. Keep working hard and you will soon enough capture the attention of buyers.
  6. Don’t be afraid to have unique selling points. Infusing your seller’s page with quirky details can prove to be a lot of fun, so spice things up to make your profile stand out. Keep in mind that there will be seller competition, but that you bring unique elements to the platform that other sellers might not have.
  7. Add private content to your seller’s profile as an option to increase your chances for revenue. On snifffr, private content includes videos and images that buyers pay to access. These content pieces can add a lot of interest from buyers, so consider adding them to your online profile for extra earning opportunities.
  8. Don’t forget that once you have your seller’s profile up, you can start chatting with buyers via our online chat or private message. And these interactions could easily lead to purchase opportunities!

The bottom line

Selling used panties, underwear, socks, bras, pantyhose, stockings and more can jet-set your entrepreneurial journey when you have a dedicated approach.

Plus, it is so much fun as you embrace a business opportunity that is unlike any other!

There are so many options for your business to get off the ground once you’ve created your profile on snifffr, so why not make it happen today?

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Have more questions about becoming an entrepreneur selling used underwear on snifffr? Here are some of our most frequently asked questions.

If you are over 18, it’s a yes! Do keep in mind: under no circumstance may you sell any items to minors, and no underage content or items are allowed. Snifffr has a very strict policy that disallows anyone under the age of 18 from joining the site.
It’s 100% free to sign up on snifffr. However, you may want to purchase the premium version as a seller to get access to more features.
You don’t need to have piles of dirty underwear, used socks and bras, but it is worth it to have a couple of items at hand to ensure you do not run out. A good idea can be to bulk-buy panties or other items that you can wear before selling – this way, you will have enough used items to keep buyers interested.
It is absolutely possible to make money from your dirty underwear. Build your business and establish your brand, and make sure that the profile that you present on your online page is always appealing and intriguing.
Dirty socks are very popular on snifffr and can include anything from everyday socks to gym socks – choose what you would like to sell and add it to your profile to connect with interested buyers. As with your other items up for sale, ensure that your sock pictures are in-focus and interesting.
Selling used underwear online doesn’t need to be a full-time job but it does need some dedication. So, ensure you have enough time to upload stock, and make time to chat with interested buyers too. The more time you attribute to it, the greater your chance of success.
Never use your private banking details for any transactions. The buyer and seller agree on the price and method of payment.

snifffr deals are the most popular and safest way to transact. For more information on snifffr deals, please look at this help article.

That is correct. Remember to always pack items discreetly with the buyer’s postal address as the sender and receiver address. This way, you can protect your private details. Never use see-through envelopes – only discreet packaging is advised.
You can list as many items as you can handle. Do have a look at our prohibited content section for items to steer clear of.

Want more inspiration for selling used items on snifffr? Check out our