Taking a sniff: How your used socks can be someone’s foot fetish dream

Stubby toes or longer digits? When it comes to having a foot fetish, you might be surprised how much satisfaction this kink can bring! There are tons of people out there who love feet in all shapes and sizes, and this includes their smell too.

Podophilia, which is another way of referencing a foot fetish, describes how someone can get turned on by feet. For some, it can be their own feet, for others those of someone else.

The differences don’t stop there: Foot fetish enthusiasts also have different passions, from certain foot sizes and smells, to cleaner feet or naughty painted toenails.

foot fetish

This is also where the dirty socks marketplace comes in. Those socks that carry the unique scent of someone’s feet can almost bottle that experience of smelling something alluring and exciting.

It also taps into olfactophilia, which is the arousal that is linked to certain smells or odours from body parts.

This adoration for smelly socks is really a big deal: Even as far back as 1994, a study revealed that 45% of respondents who had a foot fetish also found dirty socks to be alluring.

And if you are wondering whether you can make money from selling used socks, the answer is definitely a big yes!

So, get ready to get a foot in the door as we tell you more about how your used socks can become someone’s foot fetish dream – and help you earn money along the way too!

Getting started with selling used socks online

Did you hear about the guy who made $2000 per month simply by selling his used socks?

You might not think about it now, but those socks you are wearing to work or the gym can become money-makers if you play your cards right!

Even if you are not turned on by the smell of feet, or socks for that matter, it doesn’t mean you cannot join an online marketplace, such as snifffr, and start getting into the business of selling your dirty socks.

First things first: Remember, quality still counts

Now, a good thing to remember is that you do not simply want to use the opportunity to sell used socks online to throw out socks with holes or that are considerably damaged. That can be a big no and do more damage than good when you are trying to establish yourself as a seller.

You do want your used socks to still have some appeal, and not look too shabby to be a turn-off. Just as you would review used panties that you plan to sell online, for instance, you also have to consider the state of your socks.

Do they still look appealing enough, but also have a signature scent that makes them unique?

Quality is important, so ensure that your socks bring something valuable to the table too – from how they look to why they smell the way they do.

Consider different tastes and preferences

If you were to describe the scent of your used socks, how would you word it? Is the scent sweet, musky or do they resemble the body cream that you use?

These unique smells can tap into the preferences of specific buyers, and help you to start earning money from used sock sales.

Bear in mind that not every pair of socks needs to have a sweaty or foot smell – they can also carry scents that are perfumed or even a bit exotic.

The best thing you can consider when starting to sell used socks online, is to have a bit of variety. Keep those gym socks, but don’t throw out those pretty patterned pairs that smell like your favourite perfume.

Don’t forget: Pics count too when you are selling your socks online!

Even better, when your feet are in them, it’s a no-brainer: These socks have been worn, and they have a sensational smell that will make the right buyer want to get their hands on them before anyone else does!

There is no rule that you need to show your face on your feet and socks pics on a marketplace such as snifffr – just ensure that your images beautifully show how your socks look (and have the right description to make buyers want to read more!).

Use the messaging chat to connect with buyers

Think messaging is just for those sellers who are selling used undies? Think again! If you are comfortable with corresponding with buyers online and telling them more about your dirty socks, why not go for it!

Keep in mind that your story about your used socks could be music to the ears of the right buyer, and if you play your cards right, they might just return for more.

So, get ready to describe the unique scents of your socks, where you have worn them to, and what a buyer could expect when receiving them.

Pros and cons of selling used socks online

As with any product that you list online, there are some pros and cons – check out below what you need to keep in mind if you want to start selling your dirty socks online.


  • It’s pretty easy to start – simply get your dirty socks together, put up your profile on snifffr, and start selling!
  • Both men and women can join in the fun of becoming sellers of used socks.
  • There is no limit to the number of socks that you can sell – as long as you can manage your inventory, the sky is the limit!


  • It does take time to get your online business off the ground, but with a bit of patience you can soon enough start making money.
  • You will need inventory to start with, but if you have a large collection of socks at your disposal, this shouldn’t be a problem.
  • Keep in mind that you will be responsible for shipping your used socks to buyers. This means that you need to factor in this cost in the pricing of your socks (which shouldn’t be a challenge, provided you price your socks reasonably).

Is it worth it to sell used socks online?

There is a lot of potential for sure make extra money with your uniquely scented socks – and if you are ready to make the leap into this exciting marketplace, you are in for a treat!

One thing is certain: Foot fetishes are popular, and if you are keen to start selling your used socks to this kink community, you will be surprised by the feedback that you get!

FAQ time!

Have more questions about selling used socks online? Check out some of our frequently asked questions below.

You definitely can! Always remember to use a vetted online marketplace, such as snifffr, where you can create a seller’s profile, upload photos and start corresponding with buyers.
Of course! There is no rule that you have to have a certain sock smell to start listing your products – just be clear in your description whether your socks are “lightly scented” or simply smell like the beauty products that you use.
Only use third party apps for payments. We strongly advise sellers to never give out their private banking details, and to protect their personal details.
If you’re older than 18, you can sell your dirty socks on our site.
Trusted platforms, such as snifffr, are the best channels to use. Not only can you get easy access to buyers, but your personal details are protected and you can enjoy a safe selling experience.
This will depend from seller to seller, and it is not limited to just the unique aromas your socks have. Trendy sock labels might validate a higher price, while regular white socks might need to be priced modestly. If you are starting out selling used socks, do take care to not overprice items – it might be a bit ridiculous to charge $100 for a pair of gym socks that are hanging by a thread, for instance!
You will be in charge of shipping your used socks to buyers. Always remember: Ziploc pack your socks to retain their aromas carefully, and then put them in discreet packaging with your buyer’s postal address as the send and receive destination.
No – part of the allure is the unique scent that your dirty socks have. Your buyers are expecting socks with natural or perfumed smells, so ensure you retain that as we mentioned above.

Ready to put your best foot forward?

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For more inspiration on selling dirty socks online, check out this article on the used sock fetish – let us know if you have any more questions about selling your used socks online!