Is there a market for men’s used underwear?

Let’s be honest: What is the first thing you think about when someone mentions selling used underwear?

Do you immediately think of sultry vixens listing their dirty panties, or do you also consider that men could make the cut as online used underwear sellers?

If there is one thing that you would have noticed on the snifffr online marketplace especially, it is that men as much as women are welcome in the used underwear space.

Men's underwear

Whether you have classic briefs ready for sale, or designer items just waiting to catch the eye of the right buyer, there are plenty of buyers that would love to have what you have once worn!

Look on any many  online marketplace, and you will sure enough see dedicated sections for men selling their used underwear.

This is even more proof that men are more than welcome in the seller community, and that there is actually a buyers market for dirty men’s underwear.

Why do people love used underwear?

For many people in the kink community, used underwear is a big turn-on. And in the case of used underwear for men, this can be because of several things, including the unique smell of these pieces, or even putting them on.

Men’s used briefs and dirty boxers can have just as much appeal as women’s used panties, and the same rules apply.

How men can also cash in on profits from selling their dirty underwear

If you want to start selling your used briefs like the ultimate online seller mogul that you are, snifffr has just the tips you need to always make a good impression with buyers.

Good representation is always a win

Striking a pose and showing off your used underwear in your listing photos are sure to attract attention from buyers interested in buying pre-loved men’s undies.

Keep in mind that men’s used underwear can be seen by some as a very niche sellers category - which means you can easily stand out by offering fantastic items!

The same goes for the profile that you create on an online marketplace such as snifffr. Always think about what will make people want to click on your listings.

Creating an eye-catching profile with great listings is a step in the right direction. Whether you position yourself as a mogul with an extensive used underwear collection, or a sports enthusiast living an active lifestyle with the used underwear to match, your persona is yours to market as you like.

Let’s talk about unique odours

No two people have the same body odours, and whichever scent your used underwear has - musky, neutral or anything else - it can add a layer of interest to the items that you will be selling.

Do remember: Never chuck your undies in the wash before shipping them off to buyers. That’s taking away exactly what buyers paid for: Underwear that they can sniff and enjoy as they revel in smells that they have never experienced.

Tightly seal and discreetly pack your used undies before sending them to buyers, then enjoy that feeling of knowing they are about to get an experience like never before!

Tapping into the potential of labels is always a good choice

Well, what can we say: Some people just love fashion items that come with designer labels!

For some buyers, the fashion house or clothing outlet where briefs were originally bought might not matter … But for others, a cool brand could make them want to buy certain underwear pieces even more.

If you have both standard used briefs and designer ones that you can put up for grabs, list both categories, then see what your buyers are most interested in.

You might be surprised what could become your top sellers …

Chatting with buyers can increase your chances of making that sale

So, if you are venturing into the world of selling men’s used underwear for the first time, the thought of chatting with buyers online via an online marketplace platform such as snifffr might feel a bit daunting.

After all, chatting about your used preloved items could feel strange initially.

However, it is important to just go with the flow!

First up: Your potential buyers want to be on an online marketplace where they can find dirty underwear. And second: They will not think it’s strange to reach out to you to hear more about your used briefs.

If anything, they will want to know more about the scents and materials - after all, they are part of the used underwear kink community!

So, rest assured that chatting with buyers can introduce you to fantastic clients who could become return visitors eager to see if you have listed more items.

Extra content = extra income

On snifffr’s online marketplace, our sellers have the option to provide extra visual content that is paid-for. This means that if a buyer wants to get hold of this extra content, they will need to pay a little more for access.

This can be a fantastic way to reward your buyers, and the type of content that you create is your choice.

Ultimately, it is all about an authentic experience that buyers cannot find anywhere else.

Remember that you will likely have male and female buyers - and their reasons for buying your items are likely going to be different

The online market for men’s used underwear is open for both men and women, and once you start selling your preloved undies, you will likely interact with various buyers.

Female buyers might be after certain smells or looks that will give them a thrill, while male buyers could be looking for the sensational odour of certain briefs as well as the opportunity to perhaps even try them on.

As we mentioned, this is why it is super important to chat with your buyers before making a sale. Know what they want and what they are looking for.

Think about it this way: You might be ready to wear a pair of specific undies to later list, and if you find out that that is exactly what a buyer is looking for, why not make their day!

A market for men’s used underwear? For sure!

There is a lot of potential to make extra income by selling your used underwear - and the best thing about it is you can shape the experience just the way you like it.

Be sure to check out our signup page if you are ready to create your profile, and let us know if you have any questions.

Also, have a look at our FAQ section below.


Check out useful information if you are interested in selling your used underwear.

A good starting point is a great profile and listings. When buyers can clearly see that you have put in the effort to market your seller’s page, they will reach out often.
Remember what we said about presentation? Be careful to not list underwear that looks like it is one wash away from becoming a cloth for car washing. Some (reasonable) wear is okay, but make sure that your dirty underwear still looks good (unless the buyer requests this!).
No. Keep those scents intact and ensure that when you package undies for shipping that they are discreetly yet effectively packed to retain your unique smells.
You need to be older than 18, and you may not sell any items to any buyer younger than 18.
We would say for the exact same reasons that women are selling their used underwear: Supporting the used panties kink community with great items, while also opening the floor to make extra income.

Many sellers themselves are part of the fetish community, and vetted online marketplaces such as snifffr provide a great space where they can enjoy their love for used undies to the full.

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