Hoarding old underwear? You could be sitting on a gold mine!

Quick questions: When it comes to your underwear stash at home, are your cupboards bursting at the seams with used panties?

Perhaps you love collecting delicate items by the truckload. You might have certain brands for briefs that you cannot get enough of. Or you simply have too many pairs to handle – and they end up just taking up closet space!

used panties

Now, we get it: To each their own! But, that being said, have you considered that the used panties that you are hoarding at home could bring in serious cash for you if you play your cards right?

There are so many options for the types of used panties you can sell online, so why not get started today if your underwear stash ticks all the boxes?

So, how can you cash in?

The most important thing you need to know first is why your dirty panties could be worth so much to a buyer.

A used panties fetish is usually linked to the sheer enjoyment of smelling unique odours emanating from a pair of dirty knickers. These smells can be a source of ultimate pleasure and fantasy – made even more thrilling when a buyer can touch and feel an item (or even wear said panties if they like!).

Now comes the big question: How can you start monetising your used panties stash and turn each item into a potential source of side income?

Here are some suggestions to get you started – it is so easy and you can even get started today.

1. Set yourself up for seller success

Like any side hustle, you need to pick the right place for making potential sales. For selling used panties, this will be a trusted, legit platform where there are solid ground rules in place to help you start a legit business.

On snifffr, for instance, we provide an online marketplace where anyone older than 18 can buy or sell used panties. Our website has been created as user-friendly as possible to allow our buyers and sellers to enjoy every moment of browsing, shopping and interacting with one another.

Those are all key elements that you need to look out for to ensure that you can achieve seller success, while enjoying every moment of the journey.

2. Get ready to wear and sell your used panties

So, doing a big cupboard clear-out is one thing, but you need to remember that each pair of used panties that you are ready to part with needs to be worn before a sale is made.

That means you aren’t simply going to take them out of your underwear drawer squeaky clean and just pop them into a discreet envelope: You need to wear them to lock in those smells that your buyers are after.

A note here on perfumes: Some buyers might not want anything synthetic when it comes to the odours on your used panties, so make sure before sealing the deal if your buyers would like extra scents or only want items with natural smells.

3. Decide how much time you will spend each day on your seller’s platform

You do not need to be glued to your device screen every day, but it is important that you still dedicate enough time to your online platform to not make buyers wait too long to get in touch with you.

Especially if you are doing online chats with buyers, or if they are keen to sign up for any private content that you offer (like we offer on snifffr), you need to be able to get back to them as soon as possible. Also a top tip: If you have that private content option on snifffr, it is an opportunity to make even more cash!

4. Be realistic and focused

So, once you start putting your money making used panties online, you might be super excited and ready to blow your profits out of the park … But do remember that selling used panties online takes a little bit of time to gain momentum.

Once you have created your profile, and have it ready and filled with several naughty undies for sale, you need to keep an eye on your progress. A good idea here is to ensure that the wording of each item you list would be something that your ideal buyer would be searching for and interested in (such as designer briefs, girl’s night out thong, you get where we are going with this!).

Always check that each listing you put up is so sensational that buyers simply are going to want to find out more – make it interesting and mysterious, and use gorgeous clear photos of your panties to attract attention.

A side note here: You do not necessarily need to show your face in pictures with your panties, but do display them as beautifully as possible to make them stand out.

5. Enjoy the process!

What really is going to make the experience of selling used panties so worth it, is when you are having fun while doing so! Remember, once you’ve clinched that first sale, there is nothing stopping you from making another and then another and then …

Ready to get started?

If you loved everything you’ve read so far and are ready to delve into your cupboard to set aside your profit-making used panties, let’s get started!

Check out snifffr’s seller’s page today and set up your profile.


Have any questions about how your dirty panties can become the ultimate source of extra income? Here are some of our most frequently asked questions – just let us know if you need more information!

The important thing is to have an open mind. Understand why people love used underwear, what it means to them and how your used items can tap into their wildest fantasies.

Also, a ground rule here: You and your buyers need to be older than 18, and no minors are allowed to sell used underwear on our online marketplace.

First and foremost: Your panties need to be worn panties. For them to have value for buyers, they need to have your unique body odours. Do not pre-wash them under any circumstances.

Second important thing: Ensure that they still look appealing. Frayed, tearing at the seams panties might not be as seductive as a worn pair that still looks good. So, do not use your seller’s platform simply to get rid of panties that have seen better days – create a worn panty experience that will still hit the spot for eager buyers.

There really is no limit – you can truly go to town with the number of dirty panties that you want to sell! Just ensure you can manage your inventory and that you have enough time for communicating with buyers.

Plus, keep the quality of your items in mind as well. If a pair of used panties really looks like it is one trip away from the garbage can, it might not be a good idea to list it.

Definitely – this article will show you how to make it happen with just the right tips and tricks! Do remember to keep things in perspective when you first start selling – it is all about momentum.
Always ensure that your prices are reasonable and competitive – check out our article on pricing that will give you a good idea of how much you can charge for your used panties.

For sure. Selling used underwear is something both men and women can enjoy, and there is a market for both. The same rules apply in terms of listing fantastic items on your profile with great pictures, so make your listings stand out with the best possible presentation.
Always make sure that your dirty panties are packed in air-tight packaging that will help retain the smell. Also, discretion is key – never pack your used panties in see-through envelopes.

An extra tip here: use your buyer’s postal address as the sender and receiver detail to ensure you do not divulge your private information.

We loved sharing today’s article with you, and if you are looking for even more content, why not check out our article on the appeal of soiled panties?