Want to sell used panties? Avoid these beginner mistakes!

The used panties marketplace is booming with possibilities to make money. Something as simple as a pair of plain undies can become a coveted piece a buyer wants to own, provided you play your cards right if you are stepping up as a seller.

This is something that the success of our snifffr seller community can attest to: They have seen first-hand how you can conquer this wonderful marketplace and embrace the world of the used panty fetish community with an open mind.

Used Panties

Whether you are selling lacy thongs or naughty gym briefs, there is a buyer for that – and both men and women can enjoy building up their profiles.

Here’s the thing, though: If you are still a rookie seller, you are likely eager to do things right from the start … which means, not making seller mistakes that can harm your business or income in future.

Now, the basic premise of selling used panties seems straightforward, right? Upload a pic or two, press publish and watch the orders roll in?

Let’s rewind things a bit.

It’s true: Selling dirty panties can certainly help you make money. And if you play your cards right, you can easily line up repeat customers who will support your business by placing multiple orders.

That being said, you need to be aware of which seller mistakes to steer clear of when selling your preloved panties.

In this article, we point out those red flags that you need to avoid – and what you should do instead to make sure you achieve success. Be sure to read until the end, as we will be sharing some frequently asked questions as well.

Mistake #1: Not doing any research about used panties kinks

We get it: Not everyone knows everything about dirty panties fetishes. Some sellers might enter the marketplace for used panties without having any experience of it in the past. And that’s okay: part of online marketplaces like snifffr is that everyone is welcome here, even newbies or sellers who aren’t actively part of the kink community.

That being said, it is still important that you understand somewhat why used panties fetishes can appeal to people so much. Everything from the smell to the fantast of these items can create excitement for buyers in the kink community. Often, this appeal can already start from seeing a picture of a dirty panty on sale – the seduction is instant!

So, do your research about what appeals to buyers’ tastes. Often, it can be a combo deal of aesthetics as well as the unique odours that await, so take the time to understand how you can create a fantastic world of fantasy for the right buyers.

Once you’ve done your research, it can be easy to choose a reputable platform, such as snifffr, where you can start selling your used panties.

Mistake #2: Not creating any visually appealing posts

Before we start with this one, it is important to mention that you do not need to show your face – or even your whole body – in pictures of your items that are up for sale. You can create bonus pictures for sure and add this to your extra content feature (such as what we offer our sellers on snifffr).

The important thing is that you create great listings with clear photos and interesting descriptions that will hook your potential buyers instantly.

On the other hand, if you post grainy or out-of-focus pictures, buyers will likely scroll to the next seller’s page where they can get a better idea of what they are about to buy.

The bottom line? Always post great-looking pictures! Even pictures that you take with your mobile phone can look good if they are clear and in focus. It is all about providing beautiful listings that buyers will love – and want to know more about what you are offering.

Mistake #3: Pricing your used panties way too high – or low

guide on how to price used panties is a good starting point to begin with. Just remember to not have a one-size-fits-all approach – every pair of dirty knickers is different!

On the other side of the coin, you also need to not under-price your undies. It might feel like the best way to get initial sales, and it might just – for a short while. After that, if you raise your prices when business is going well, you might have fewer sales or even less interest.

Try to price your “regular panties” or briefs from approximately $20 plus add ons. Just remember: You are after good quality clients, not bargain hunters who do not appreciate your business.

Mistake #4: Not offering any extra features for extra income

As mentioned, you can add bonus pictures and visuals on a marketplace such as snifffr, where buyers pay to access these photos and more.

Now, extra content isn’t necessarily a must, but it can add an extra layer of intrigue to your profile and spur buyers to spend a little extra on your profile.

Remember: Your extra content is what makes your seller’s profile different from others. So play on those unique selling points to get the sales you need to beef up your earnings.

Mistake #5: Not providing a great seller/buyer experience

When you sell your used panties on an online marketplace, your efforts do not stop once your buyer has paid for their goods. You still need to properly package their items, taking care that this is done discreetly and that you’ve got their address right.

Also, you cannot send items off that aren’t exactly what they promised to be: That is, panties that have been worn and have natural scents that are uniquely yours.

Keep in mind that you want to convert your buyers into return customers – something they will surely become if you have given them an amazing experience from that first interaction to how they receive their used panties that you have sent with the utmost care.

Success can be yours – make your used panties your best business venture yet!

Selling used panties can be so much fun, and when there is earning potential attached to it all, it can even be better!

So, if you are starting out as a seller, keep our points above in mind, and you are sure to get comfortable with selling just what your buyers are looking for!


Have you enjoyed our article so far? Have a look below at some of the questions we have been asked before – do not hesitate to let us know if there is any other information that you need.

Always price realistically – you cannot expect buyers to give hundreds of dollars for just one item. Keep within the $20 to $100 range, depending on the quality and design of your items and charge more for add ons.
Yup – that is one of the main reasons why buyers visit a marketplace such as snifffr, it is all about those unique scents!
You can start selling any time you want, but do have a couple of items available. You can add to your inventory as you move along, just ensure that you do not run out.
Of course! It’s a level playing field when it comes to selling dirty underwear on an online marketplace, so go ahead!
It’s not a set rule, but it is worth exploring if you want to ensure you get the earnings you are after.
Be available as much as you can, but do not feel pressured to always be available. As long as you can answer buyers in a timely way and get back to their queries as soon as possible, you should be okay.
If you are doing so on a vetted marketplace like snifffr, are older than 18 and only sell to buyers that are older than 18, it is completely legit.

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