Want to buy used panties? Here’s EVERYTHING you need to know!

Call them dirty panties. Used knickers. Or simply: used panties.

If you love that sensational reward of sniffing the scents of used underwear when you buy used panties, you know what we are talking about!

Sniffing used underwear: It is more than just a “THING”!

Those who haven’t had the pleasure of the experience of smelling used panties might chalk it up to just being a phase or a passing interest.

Those in the know, like us, do know better, of course!

Now, first things first: Liking the smell and experience of used underwear and being actively involved in experiencing this passion in an adult and safe way is completely fine.

Honestly, you might get some first-timers who might think: Isn’t it just different to buy used panties and smell dirty panties and get a thrill out of it?

Here’s the short but simple answer.

Olfactophilia – there is a science to it!

Being part of the used panties community is already a thrill when you know where to get access to a world of scent through vetted online marketplaces. But did you know, there is actually a scientific reason behind why we love dirty panties?

The word used to describe this incredible phenomenon is Olfactophilia.

Simply put, this word means that people can get turned on by the smells and odours of certain bodily areas.

There is an element of pleasure attached to this, of course, and certain special scents just trump others – it is unique to every person!

So, just like you would be attracted to the scent of a partner, certain scents would drive you wild – and used panties are some avenues where you can get the scent reward you lust after.

Ergo, the used panties online marketplace, where a wonderland of smells is just ready to be explored when you buy used panties!

Unlocking a world of seductive smells

The world of used knickers is not just a thrill for buyers – sellers love the vibe and how there is a big community and a feeling of acceptance here.

No longer frowned upon, used panties have become a lucrative business for many sellers, all eager to show buyers just what they’ve got. Just have a peek at snifffr’s listings: There is so much variety, and sellers are making sure buyers can get just what they are looking for.

Anything you can dream about is now available on online marketplaces especially: Naughty little G-strings, alluring red silk, cute patterns or just plain classic underwear pairs.

The used panties industry is also a place where guys can sell their used briefs. Male sellers just need to follow the same processes as their female companions.

This is what makes the dirty panties industry so fantastic: Vetted platforms have set the standard where everyone is welcome and you can relax, knowing that you are in a judgement-free zone. This is a space where everything goes when you buy used pantied!

Sounds fantastic, right?

Now, let’s look at where the items of fantasy could typically be found.

A simple online search will reveal a substantial choice of online marketplaces where you can buy used panties.

Snifffr is, of course, part of these platform offerings, and a browse around will reveal so much variety. We will not blame you if you feel like you have hit the jackpot!

Some used underwear fans will also know that celebrities have made use of sites such as OnlyFans to sell their pre-loved items.

So, whether you are looking to get your hands on dirty panties, or have more modest tastes and want to experience scents and odours from “regular” sellers, there is no question about it that online platforms are the best places to look for used items.

Sure, you might be asking: Can’t I just get in touch with sellers face to face?

Well … Consider this: When you buy used panties online, from a trusted online marketplace such as snifffr, you can buy used underwear discreetly, without any concerns that your private details will be compromised.

Also, wafting through dirty knickers at cheap flea markets or similar places just doesn’t sit well – you won’t get the quality of smells and items that online marketplaces offer. You also wont get to chat online with the seller directly.

Your passion for dirty knickers and the, shall we say, joy that it offers you, is not compromised when you do online transactions.

What you can look forward to are personal experiences that are uniquely your own, so why risk dodgy sellers when you can have a safer shopping experience online.

Most of us have done online shopping before, and online marketplaces, such as snifffr, are exactly the same – with a level of interaction included, of course!

First things first, you need to pick the online platform you would be most comfortable with using.

The most important thing is that you online make use of legit selling platforms, such as snifffr, to ensure you will not fall victim to scams or unsavoury deals.

It is easy to spot a vetted platform, based not just on their terms of use, but also on the guidelines they offer to use their sites, and how they offer layers of protection to ensure no details of any buyer are compromised.

Now, here comes the best part of buying used panties online from a legit online marketplace.

Many sellers are happy to interact with buyers beforehand on the platforms they are selling their used panties on, provided the site has the functionality for chats.

On snifffr, we often encourage our buyer community to reach out to sellers to find out more about the products that they are selling.

This gives buyers a good idea of what they can expect, as well as if they would “click” with certain sellers.

What we mean with this, is that certain sellers will have just that extra bit of allure and, shall we call it, “magic” that will make a buyer feel like they have found the best sellers to work with.

Also, buyers might want to buy from specific types of sellers, such as big and beautiful, or svelte and fit. There is no one size fits all approach when it comes to buying used panties. There are certainly different strokes for different folks!

That’s ok: The beauty of online marketplaces such as snifffr is that we cater for all buyer tastes, which is something that our sellers naturally appreciate as well.

And if you are looking for a wider variety of seller personas, you will be pleasantly surprised by the incredible seller community that is waiting!

The important thing to remember when it comes to buying used panties is that panty prices are more of a ballpark than set in stone.

No two sellers on an online platform will offer exactly the same prices for their listings – which is their prerogative.

However, what you should always look out for when it comes to the price tags of dirty panties, are prices within reason. As a buyer of used panties, you can also negotiate with the seller.

Anything from anything from $20 to $100 per pair is doable, but as we said: This is really not one size fits all, by manner of speaking.

Some sellers might be happy to part with their used undies for lower prices, while others might ask a little more if their used panties are considered higher value.

A good example is a set of designer briefs. The fabric, quality, and even the colours might still be in good shape (or even look like they just came off the shelf) – so, a seller might feel they can charge a little bit more of them.

This is where that interaction before every sale comes in.

Understanding the value attached to these items can help you decide whether you will be paying panties from certain sellers, and whether you feel prices are a bit high.

Just a big consideration here to keep in mind: You do not want to haggle with a seller when you buy used panties, as this might make them feel you are not appreciating their time and effort.

Remember: A good seller will not just ensure all panties are worn and ready to go – they will also package your bought goods discreetly, ensuring they arrive in the best possible condition.

So, explore your options for used panties available for purchase, but graciously bow out of a deal if you feel certain prices are too steep or the panties you were initially interested in might not be to your liking.

The best online marketplaces that you can consider for buying used panties are those that have good structures in place for seller and buyer interaction, as well as a high level of safety when it comes to payments and the shipping of used panties.

On snifffr, for example, we know how important discretion is for buyers.

So, every part of the process of reaching out to sellers, purchasing dirty panties, and awaiting delivery is handled with lots of care.

No personal banking details are even given out during interactions with sellers, therefore, you know your banking details are safe all the way. Snifffr has an easy to use token system which is in place to protect both buyer and sellers from fraudulent transaction.

So, as you can tell by now, getting access to fantastic used panties is pretty wide-ranging – you never know what gems you are going to discover!

Here is a breakdown of what you can expect when buying used panties - and what you need to watch out for.

Expect …

  • Great sellers to work with.
  • Many dirty panties are on sale.
  • Unique buyers who support the used panties kink community.
  • Great attitudes overall – the sellers on marketplaces such as snifffr have a sense of fun and adventure and are always ready to interact through chat with buyers!

Exercise caution …

  • Never pressure a seller to lower their prices. As we mentioned, it is not really a good action to take to haggle too much with sellers, if they are charging prices that are above your budget. Rather seek out sellers whose listings are more within your price range.
  • Never do business on a dodgy marketplace. Read reviews, check out what other people are saying about certain platforms, and never make payments when a site asks you to disclose personal banking details.

There are some advantages and disadvantages to consider, let’s look at the main ones.


When you buy dirty panties online, you get a sense of privacy and discretion. An online marketplace is a safe space where you can do business, as and when you would like.

You can interact with incredible sellers – male or female – and interact with the sellers of your choice to make sure you are buying exactly what you are after.

Also, the biggest advantage is, of course, the sheer variety of soft and luxurious fabrics, scented to perfection that awakens the senses!


As with any transaction on a vetted online platform, your purchases will be done in good faith.

You will expect a seller to deliver worn panties that carry unique odours, which is the main reason that you are interested in their listings.

Therefore, you will need to be 100% sure before making a purchase that the seller you are interacting with is worth the goodies that they are offering.

The important thing to remember is to see what other buyers from specific sellers are saying.

If they cannot get enough from certain seller items, or had fantastic experiences, you know you can await similar benefits.

So, do a little research beforehand.

It won’t take the fun out of the experience – if anything, it will help you discover a world of fantastic sellers who have unlocked so many scent fantasies for buyers!

Ensure you read the reviews from the seller you are purchasing used panties from.

Buying used panties online is a thrill. It is an experience. In a way, it is making a fantasy a reality.

Are you ready to experience this wonderful world of delight for yourself? Sign up to snifffr today and get fantastic perks for one of the most memorable experiences.

This is your playground where the thrill of alluring scents is just a click away. Make it happen today – you will not be disappointed!

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