Sell used panties: It’s easier to start than you think!

Are you looking to increase your bottom line and on the lookout to sell used panties? Used panties for sale on trusted platforms are a big deal when it comes to the fetish community.

Those with a used underwear kink simply love the variety and thrill of dirty panties that are available for sale in the online dirty panties marketplace.

It’s not just about that element of having been worn - it’s also the smells, the odours, and everything that comes with it when it comes to what makes these articles unique (yourself included!).

Sell used panties

No two panty smells are the same, which adds to the allure of when buyers are actively looking to buy sensational used panties.

Some scents might be musky, others could have a lingering perfume or cologne smell, depending on the seller, of course.

These include both women’s and men’s used undies, and various shapes and sizes to boot.

So, is it tough to sell used panties in this exciting industry?

If you play cards right and follow the right steps, it can be so easy. Read on, as we share top tips that will put you on the road to seller success.

The 5 things you need to remember if you want to sell used panties

  1. You need to pick the right place to start selling from

Online marketplaces are some of the best platforms where you can start selling dirty panties.

These websites are not just convenient, they are also safer and offer much more protection than other avenues if you want to sell worn underwear.

With just a click or two, you can easily sign up on a vetted platform, and start creating your seller’s profile that will be your “shop window”.

These websites are usually the best places where you can connect with great buyers who are ready to find out more about the used panties you are listing, and what they can expect when they buy goods from you.

  1. Do your research - no two online marketplaces are the same

Some features of a seller’s platform to sell used panties you might like, others, not so much.

This makes it important that you know what the perks are that you are looking for before making a final decision.

These include the confidentiality and discretion that you can enjoy as a seller, the options you have for listings (unlimited or capped), and whether you want to offer extra paid-for content (which is something that snifffr does provide).

Most importantly: Always check whether an online marketplace is legit, and read reviews from buyers and sellers. Watch out for any red flags: Remember, you cannot create a fantastic experience for buyers if the marketplace that you pick stands on wobbly legs.

  1. Know what makes your used panties irresistible

The sweet spot of your sales strategy to sell used panties is your unique scents.

What gives your personal scent its signature appeal? Why would people want to buy your used panties? There are several reasons, so leverage that!

Also, where you have worn your used panties to, what they look like, and what their styles are all add up to what makes your dirty underwear super attractive to the right buyer.

Labels are sometimes also a big drawcard, so if you have some designer items up for sale, these might be sweet reasons why someone would be keen to make a beeline for your listings to buy your “limited edition” items.

  1. Understand what your ideal buyers would be looking for

Now, you already know that your buyers are part of the vibrant fetish community.

You know that they are looking out for scents that are going to drive them wild, and they are willing to pay for just the right pairs of used undies.

Another layer to consider is your dirty panties’ other features.

Perhaps you have petite little numbers that you can list, or ones with more curvy appeal.

Your trusted gym briefs might be prime property for the right buyers, and those classic brand hipsters could attract specific buyers.

So, consider what your ideal buyer would look like, and remember to put those selling points in your listing descriptions.

Make it easy for buyers to find you and your fantastic underwear offerings - it’s all about the right words!

  1. Be committed to your seller’s journey

For most sellers of used panties, the process will usually be more of a side hustle than a full-time gig in the beginning.

This could be because a seller is getting into the swing of selling used panties, or simply does not have the capacity to commit to selling for long hours.

There is nothing wrong with it if you start slow and easy on your journey of selling used panties.

Just remember, you need to commit some time every day to interact with buyers and to be available if any buyer reaches out to you who wants to find out more about the panties that you are selling.

Simply decide the number of hours you will be spending on your profile that you are comfortable with. Selling used panties is no different to any other business, the more hours you invest into your business, the greater your chance of success.

Selling Price - How much can you sell used panties for?

The next step in selling used panties is to decide on what a good price would be for selling your used panties.

This might seem like a challenge: On the one hand, you do not want to under-price your goods and then get stuck with not making a profit at all.

On the other hand, if you charge too much, it might be tricky to make sales.

A good starting point could be $20 and upwards to $100. For everyday items such as basic briefs, you could charge $20 initially, for instance. But if you have a gorgeous pair of designer goods, a higher price will be justified.

Best place to sell used panties

Online marketplaces that are vetted and legal are the best places to start selling your preloved undies.

You can enjoy a good level of privacy and discretion, plus most online marketplaces, such as snifffr, have good payment structures in place that will ensure you do not disclose any personal details.

The other big advantage of online sites is that you can list several used panties up for sale at once. On our website, for example, you can list as many as you can handle!

This makes it super easy to make a seller space your own. Whether you list a small selection of great, handpicked items, or go all out with several, the choice is yours, and the opportunity to make cash is within your reach.

How to sell used panties

Once you are ready to start becoming a seller extraordinaire, keep the following tips in mind to make the journey as easy as possible.

  1. Sign up on the online marketplace of your choice - and remember the ground rules

On snifffr, signup is fast and easy, as an example. You can quickly create your profile without any hassles, and if you need any customer support, you can simply get in touch with us!

A note of caution here: On trusted online sellers spaces such as snifffr, you need to be older than 18 to sell your preloved items, and you can under no circumstances sell anything to buyers who are underage. As per the terms and conditions, no user is allowed to join snifffr who is under the age of 18.

  1. Decide on how you want to position yourself as a seller when you sell used panties

Do you want your listings to do most of the “talking”, or are you comfortable showing your face as well?

Each seller has a certain level of comfort, and that’s ok - you want to feel relaxed and at ease, not stressed.

Just be authentic, and don’t feel pressured to do exactly what everyone else is doing when you sell used panties.

Remember, your unique approach is one of the top reasons buyers will reach out to you!

  1. Pick the undies you want to list

When you make your used panties haul list, it is important that you pick items that will definitely sell.

Although some buyers might be more relaxed about things such as slight fraying or small holes, others could be focused on aesthetics as well.

So, pick those items that look amazing - and of course, will have your unique odours.

This is a big one, as you might be wondering if you need to wash your undies up for sale beforehand. The answer is no - and you need to remember that buyers want to buy items that have specific smells. Buyers want YOUR smell and not the smell of washing detergent!

  1. Take fantastic photos

In focus, clear and attractive - make your preloved underwear shine in front of the camera!

As we mentioned, you do not need to show your face if you do not want to, that is every seller’s personal choice.

However, do make sure that your panties, briefs, and more look great in every picture. A simple smartphone camera can take brilliant pictures, so you don’t need fancy equipment even to make your listings look good (if you have said equipment though, you can definitely use it!).

  1. Price your items

If you really want to make a boss move, it can be a good idea to have a spreadsheet that you keep in your personal documents where you can save what you want to sell each item for - and eventually, which items will sell. This is great for future reference, as you will know which types of items buyers found interesting and worth a purchase.

  1. Create good descriptions

Use keywords that best describe your items, and make sure that there are some interesting bits of info in there as well.

Ensure that every listing description is well-written and fun, as this can help convince buyers to reach out to you to find out more about your undies.

  1. Upload all your items

Quick, easy, simple - once you have photos and descriptions, it is time to press go!

  1. Interact with buyers who reach out to you

Once buyers reach out to you, consider using the online chat options of the platform you are selling on. Buyers might sometimes want to connect first before committing to a sale, so have availability.

  1. Make a sale

Have a buyer who wants to buy your items? Fantastic! There is nothing quite like that first sale, or all the ones that will follow.

Make a mental note of what swayed a buyer to purchase from your online store, and make it part of your winning formula to make more sales in the future.

A tip here: Never give your personal bank details to buyers, only use third-party apps or safe payment options that an online marketplace offers. The safest way to transact is to use snifffr tokens.

  1. Discreetly package items and ship them to your buyers

Air-tight, zipper-seal packaging will keep your unique smells intact when you ship your items to your buyers, but remember that the outer packaging must not be see-through.

Also, when it comes to shipping, never list your own post box address, the back and front of your packaging must have only your buyer’s post box details.

  1. Bonus tip: Don’t forget exclusive content

Do you want even more opportunities for sweet deals? Consider offering exclusive, paid-for content to rake in more cash!

On snifffr, our sellers can have extra visual content that they can offer to buyers, and what is great about this, is that it can boost your income too.

Here is why this works so well: Sometimes, a buyer might go through listings and not be sold on whether to buy or not. But, if they see there is extra visual content that they can get instant access to when bought, it might be one of the best ways to convince them to buy from your listings!

As we have said before: Vetted online marketplaces are king. They provide protection, ease of use, and will allow you to do sales safely without any worry that your personal details would be compromised.

With so many transactions in the eCommerce space happening daily, it just makes sense to position your seller’s journey in a modern and fresh environment!

Want to know what the advantages and disadvantages are of selling used panties online? Here is a quick breakdown.


  • If you are older than 18, have a secure Internet connection, a smart phone and a private space that you can do business from, you can sign up easily and start selling easily!
  • There are low overheads that you need, really. The main thing to remember is that you need a good inventory to start with.
  • Your seller’s journey is yours to manage - whether you are online for a select number of hours per day or more.
  • Once you start making your dirty panties available for sale, the chance to start earning cash is within your grasp!


  • You might not make instant sales, but remember: It is all about gaining momentum, and once the first sales come in, it will make things easy!
  • Every buyer that reaches out to you won’t necessarily become a customer. That’s ok: remember, they need to decide whether they are comfortable with certain prices, or whether they are sold on certain items. If not, no stress: More buyers will likely follow!
  • If you do make a sale, you will be responsible for shipping costs. So, factor that in the prices for the underwear that you will be selling. However, many sellers choose to pass on shipping costs to the buyer – just ensure you discuss this with the buyer prior to finalizing a sale.
To start is easy when it comes to the fun landscape that is the online marketplace for dirty panties. If you are ready to jump in and become a seller, why wait? Check out snifffr today to find out how you can join our seller community, and start making strides in becoming a pro seller.

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