A Great Marketplace to Sell Worn Panties

We've all grown up believing that panties should be disposed of after they get old so that you can buy new ones. Since a panty is a must-have, chances are you’ll be spending money on them for the rest of your life. Try to imagine if the rules are changed. Instead of disposing of your worn panties, you can turn them into a money venture.

If you’re trying to wrap up your mind about this interesting discovery, know that you aren’t alone. With time, our sellers have honed their marketing skills to meet the needs of every type of buyer.

DIY Tips for Selling Worn Panties

While selling used panties can be a great way to make extra cash, it isn’t a get-rich-quick scheme as most newbie sellers think. Like any other business venture, selling used panties online is a risky affair. 

The following tips will help you navigate your way around online selling, particularly if you plan to set up your business through a platform like Snifffr.

  1. Customize your shop

Businesses are shifting from the traditional way of fulfilling transactions that involve physical meet-ups. Lucky for you, the internet allows you to set up your virtual shop from the comfort of your home. Your shop should define your personality and impression. You don’t want your prospective buyers guessing what they’re hoping to find once they visit your shop. Being unique should be on top of your priorities. Ensure your profile photo is irresistible enough to attract customers.

  1. Sign up with an established platform

One of the most significant perks about selling used panties via an established platform is your right to anonymity. We are aware that the online community is filled with different personalities. A person can pretend to be interested in your product, only to troll you. Even if you have thick skin, trolling can affect your esteem because the whole world out there knows what you are selling. Some of them might not like your choice of business but at the end of the day, worrying about all that won’t put money in your pocket. Used panties selling has been in existence long before you even got wind of it, and it's growing popularity among liberalized individuals.

  1. Set up your shop

One of the downsides of selling online through established platforms is the retainer fees they charge. But the good thing about going this direction is that you're twice as likely to get the ready market to your store than when you set up your site. If you cannot part with the fees, consider social media or do webcam modeling to drive traffic to your site.

  1. Set realistic prices for your panties

When joining the used panties selling, you might have come across articles claiming a lucrative business. However, not all of them are realistic. There is a good reason why a genuine Victoria's Secret panty is pricier than its imitations. Overpricing your panties can make your buyers feel duped. Underselling also portrays your panties as substandard. The bottom line is, set a reasonable price. If you aren't getting any buyers, your price could be the reason. Think of reducing it.

  1. Be versatile with your products

Every buyer has a unique taste. One may prefer laced panties, while another may choose to go for pure cotton. The more versatile you are, the higher your chances of landing more sales. Remember, clients have different fetishes, which is why you should be flexible enough to take special requests. If a client asks you to wear it for more than a week, be ready to heed their requests. The beauty of this business is no one will judge you for fulfilling their sexual fetishes.

  1. Make yourself known to your target market

Like any other business niche, the art of selling used panties relies on your marketing skills. Start by attracting followers to your online shop via social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. Pictures and magnificent captions can help you get started. Ensure you take high-quality photos so that your buyers can visualize what they’ll be getting.

  1. Respond to messages and requests

In this line of business, expect to come across different requests landing in your inbox. Be as professional as you can be. Some buyers may want to ask for things you can't provide, but they still play a role in shaping your business ethics. If a request doesn't resonate with your beliefs and values, find a way of responding politely.

  1. Choose a payment method that guarantees your discretion

Fortunately, many payment methods won't compromise your identity. They include cryptocurrencies, Amazon gift cards, square, and many others. Whatever payment method you choose, ensure you update it to meet your clients’ needs.

Wrap Up

Selling used panties can be a lucrative venture due to the ready market. How you hone your skills is what determines if you'll land as many buyers as you can. Luckily for you, snifffr and other like-minded platforms are ready to link you up with serious buyers. Once you sign up, the website will allow you to chat and private message clients interested in buying your products. We recommend that you put in the effort to get more sales. If a client has a unique request, you have the right to accept or decline.