All You Need To Know Before Buying or Selling Worn Panties

The idea of selling or buying worn panties is taking the internet by storm. This is thanks in part, to the desires for people to make extra money. Men’s historic desire to sniff ladies panties also contributes. Advances in technology employed by sites like snifffr enables people to acquire or sell worn panties anonymously also plays a huge role. So, if you are thinking of taking part in the craze, you are not alone.


There are no major conditions for signing up so as to sell or buy worn panties except that you must be an adult (aged 18 and above). You, however, have to supply your personal details when registering for an account. As for everything that relates to payment and rates, snifffr leaves to your discretion. After you discuss with your seller/buyer you will agree with the pricing as well as how to transfer the payment.

Reasons to buy or sell worn panties on snifffr

The platform is undoubtedly your ultimate site to sell or buy worn panties. Some of the factors that set it apart are;

Free registration

You do not part with anything when registering for an account. Consequently, you get a chance to have a look at and test platform and study buyers or sellers available before you can transact. The site has an attractive and easy to browse.

Many worn panties buyers and sellers

snifffr boats of thousands of active worn panties sellers who are ready to talk to up and gratify your needs. You can even chat with a number of them simultaneous using the site’s attractive direct messaging platform. Whichever you choose, make sure you remain professional and focused.

Free advice

The website is full of information on how you can sell or buy worn panties successfully without risking your personality surfacing unintentionally. snifffr takes upon itself to educate its valued users on how to keep their identity private and (for sellers) how to ensure they receive

their cash.

Tips for selling worn panties successfully

  • Use images wisely. Make sure the snaps capture your worn panties clearly.
  • If you cannot fulfill any of the requirements of your buyer, tell them straight away.
  • Put the same address on the sender and receiver to avoid clients tracking you back without your knowledge.


The practice of selling or buying worn panties benefits both parties. So, you should not restrain yourself from taking part in it. When you decide to do so, it is always advisable to work with a reputable platform like snifffr