Buying Used Underwear Online Discreetly

Used underwear is one of the top erotic commodities in the world, especially for people with a used underwear fetish. The used underwear fetish is a trend that arose in Japan in the 1950s and has since spread throughout the world. The Internet age has even made it easier to maintain this fetish anonymously through discrete online purchases.

Feeding this fetish will require a regular supply of used underwear either from the same or different individuals. However, it would not be easy to approach someone for their used underwear. Here is where snifffr.comes in.

snifffr provides you with a platform to purchase used underwear anonymously and discreetly. The platform allows you to keep an unknown identity when negotiating, buying, paying for and receiving the used underwear. snifffr does not expose your sign up information such as name and email address. You can use a fake name to sign up on snifffr. However, you must be over 18 to use the snifffr website.

snifffr offers a variety of used underwear including women's and men's underwear, full coverage, lace, silk, and cotton panties. Buyers can therefore choose what best suits their desire.

How Does Snifffr Work?

To buy used underwear through snifffr, you need to create a buyer profile on the snifffr website. After signing up for an account, browse through various seller profiles or featured underwear. Once you find a seller whose used underwear you are interested in, initiate a chat through snifffr's online chat or private messaging service. You may use the same seller for all your used underwear needs and requests or use different sellers each time you need to purchase used underwear. Snifffr also has fake checks to help weed out illegitimate sellers. Make sure you pay attention to sellers profiles who display ‘fake check approved’.

How Do I Pay For Used Underwear Discreetly On snifffr?

When using snifffr to purchase used underwear, you and the seller make arrangements on how to pay for the used underwear. snifffr does not in any way interfere or get involved with your payment. They only act as a bridge between sellers and buyers of used underwear.

How Do I Receive The Used Underwear I Have Just Purchased?

After paying for the used underwear through the most convenient and discrete method, the seller sends the merchandise through post. snifffr recommends using post to send the used underwear preferably with both the return and delivery addresses being of the buyer. Do not meet up with the buyer to pass on the used underwear. The point is to remain anonymous and safe.

Enjoying your used underwear fetish should not be hindered by the lack of an anonymous source for used underwear. Connect with sellers online through snifffr, and purchase the best-used underwear that you like.