DIY tips for dirty knickers for sale

You might know them as knickers, undies, underwear or simply panties. These are sexy pieces of undergarments worn by ladies over their lady parts. They come in different design styles, colour, fabrics and fitting as preferred by the wearer.

Useful Hacks to Sell Used Panties Online

You can make some quick cash from selling used undies online. It is a low-effort method to make extra cash as a full-time job or make you some passive income. However, you need to know some trade tips and tricks to make your used panties marketable and make that extra cash. As with anything, the more you put into it, the more you get back. Some useful pointers to consider include:

Give Something Extra

Let's face it; many people would like to make money from selling used panties online. To ensure that your undies sell out fast, you need some add-ons to your ads to increase demand for them. If you are willing to become explicit with your ads, the higher your chances of doing big business. Clients will pay for their fetishes by asking you to masturbate in the underwear, wear them longer, or wear them to the gym for them to have a more potent smell after the workout. Great poses and intensely worn undies attract buyers' attention, which will help you to get clientele when you post your used undies online.

Address Confirmation for Used Panties Online

Buyers will often be very specific with the delivery address for their items. You want to capture the right information each time, even if it is a repeat client. The reason being, many used panties buyers prefer confidentiality of their fetish and will give a trusted address where their package is safe. A third party cannot intercept the package before it gets to them. You also don't want to incur extra costs should the package go to the wrong address and you have to resend it a second time.

Promos for Used Panties Online

You can optimise your sales by spending some time on Google researching online platforms that have a provision for ads where you can market your used panties. You would be surprised that there are many places you can post personal ads as part of your vending procedure to ensure your items sell quickly. However, many vendors know of this hack, so you have to be creative with your ads and make them stand out. Buyers have different preferences for thongs, G-strings, and grandmother panties, so you should have a target audience.

Better yet, advertise with pictures in each category and have your clients thirsting over your sexy photos, which will prompt them to make a purchase. Clients want confidence when buying used panties online that they indeed have come from a woman. When you take pictures, you need to take them in teasing angles that confirm your femininity and create an image in the buyer's head of what you look like, which may come in handy when they masturbate to the smell of your used panties.

Who Sells Used Panties?

Anyone can play the role of used panties online vendor as long as they are above 18. snifffr is a reliable platform for vending used panties online. snifffr members keep their wallets ready to buy attractive, used panties online, and when you go all out with your ads, you can make money online. Bring out different panties and try your luck in this venture which is fun and will make you some money on the side.

Automatically, the highest percentage of used panties clientele is men. Men are visual beings, and if you give them something worthy to look at, they will pay for it. Overly soiled panties will fetch a pretty penny as it means they will have a stronger scent. Another way to make money is to accept requests from potential clients. They will have kinky fetishes that they will ask of you, and if you can meet these requirements, they will easily pay extra and buy your used panties. However, accepting requests is at your discretion. When you are more adventurous, you make more money, and if lucky, you can get repeat clients who can't get enough of the scent of your pussy.

Payment Options for Used Panties Online

You can sign up for free on snifffr to get started. All sales and payments are strictly between the vendor and the buyer. snifffr plays no role in payment transactions. Common modes of payment include Google Wallet and Venmo, which are trusted avenues for online payments. snifffr only takes payment for some premium features on the site, such as the use of web-based chat. You pay a standard fee that caters to all the transactions you make afterwards.

The little-known trade of used undies and other types of undergarments has a large market. In Japan, it is quite famous and referred to as Burusera. The business thrives due to the anonymity of the transactions. The vendor and buyer never have to meet for business, and in many cases, anonymity is preferred. The mystery behind used panties and the business's confidentiality adds some thrill to the trade, which attracts more buyers to try out this unique kink.

Written by: Laura Thorpe