How Do You Sell Dirty Panties

Is It Right To Sell Dirty Panties

There so many rhetorical questions we can ask ourselves concerning why one should sell dirty panties. Things have changed today and many people have involved themselves in the buying and selling of dirty panties. Unlike earlier days where people were conservative and used to throw away their panties which no longer in use, these days it is okay to sell dirty panties.


How To Sell Dirty Panties

snifffr has created a platform where both the buyers and sellers of dirty panties can meet and run such a business. Here is a guide on how to sell dirty panties on snifffr.


Sign up

This is the first step to selling dirty panties. When registering, ensure you click to the area indicated sell panties. Fill all the required information and you are good to get started. However, for you to sign up, you must be of 18 years and above because this website entirely deals with adult content.


Create an attractive profile

Once you are done with the registration part, now login to the website and create an appealing profile. Upload a profile photo. It is an added advantage because the buyers want to know exactly who they are buying dirt panties from. It also makes you appear more genuine.


Keep checking your inbox regularly

This is important to avoid delaying your prospective buyers. Buyers interested in buying your dirty panties will get in touch with you. Chat with the buyers and ask them from the pictures uploaded which is their favorite dirty panties.

Request for payment

Once you have harmoniously agreed on the price and choice of dirty panties, request the buyer to send you a complete payment. Remember, snifffr doesn’t get involved in payment transactions.


Shipping of dirty panties

After you have received the payment, request the buyer to send their shipping address and proceed to shipping the dirty panties to the requested address. Isn’t that easy? Of course, it is.


Why Should You Sell Dirty Panties


To replace old and small-sized panties

Additionally, you can sell dirty panties to replace them with new panties once you sell them. It also enables you to economize on the space of storing dirty panties that you no longer need. 


To create income

Selling dirty panties has emerged as a good business opportunity to earn more income. Due to their high demand, the sellers have been able to create a lot of money from such a business.