How to Buy Used Socks Online With snifffr

If you get sexually aroused when you smell worn or dirty socks, you may have a sock fetish – otherwise called olfactophilia. In simple terms, this is a paraphilia where people derive sexual pleasure from odors and smells. Some people need to smell or be in contact with the socks, while others are aroused by viewing images of used socks. If either of these describes you, there are several ways you can go about buying worn socks anonymously. This article will help fulfil your used socks fetish desires.

What Is a Sock Fetish?

Olfactophilia is the scientific term for a fetish for used or worn socks. According to Psychology Today, it is a paraphilia in which people are aroused or derive sexual pleasure from odors and smells. The term is derived from the Latin word 'olfacto’ meaning ‘to smell’ and the Greek word ‘philia’, which means 'love.'

As with many fetishes, it is not easy to pinpoint the cause of sock fetishes, and people who don’t have it may not understand the attraction. Sex experts theorize that some people derive olfactory arousal from the smell produced when foot sweat (which is odorless) combines with bacteria produced by the body.

For people with this fetish, the odor is the turn-on, although it may sometimes be accompanied by mental imagery to achieve arousal.

Dirty Socks Fetish Vs. Foot Fetish

Because of the close relation, sock fetishes are often associated – and sometimes confused – with foot fetishes. According to experts, they are separate, although there can be some overlap. A sexual fetish for feet is called podophilia and is considered one of the most prevalent fetishes for non-sexual body parts or objects. It is more common in men.

A dirty socks fetish can combine with a foot fetish in some people, although the two are very separate for other people. A study published in the 1994 issue of the Comprehensive Handbook of Psychopathology showed that only 45 percent of foot fetishists get aroused by used socks.

Why Do People Buy Used Socks?

Pamela Supple has been a Sex, Relationship and Wellbeing Therapist for 25 years and has a Masters of Health Science. In her professional opinion, fetishists are different people, and their preferences vary greatly. According to her – and many buyers – people buy used socks to either put them on, smell them, fantasize, or use them during intimate play. The goal is to achieve arousal from the odor.

What Kind of Socks Do People Buy Online?

There is no shortage of variety in the world of fetish objects. Sock fetish sellers offer dirty and smelly socks in different types and materials, including foot liners, ankle socks, lacy socks, legwarmers, knee-high socks, and fishnet stockings. Depending on your tastes, you can request that the seller wear the socks to work, the gym, or on a run. You could also decide how long you would like the socks to have been worn. Generally, there is something for every buyer.

How Much Does a Pair of Used Socks Cost?

You might not know this, but the sock fetish world is actually very vast. There are many used socks sellers online, and because it is not a standardized market, the prices can vary greatly. Usually, how much a seller asks for a pair of dirty socks will depend on how long they have been wearing it and their activities during that period.

Generally, prices for a pair can be as low as $3 or as high as $200, with the average being between $10 to $30. It is up to you to decide whether what is being offered is worth that amount and if you are willing to pay it. It is advisable to compare prices before settling on a seller.

Buying Used Socks Online

Platforms like eBay strictly prohibit the sale of used and dirty socks, which is why most fetishists turn to other online marketplaces like snifffr. This option is also more attractive because it allows for anonymous transactions. Generally, people are very judgmental about fetishes, and there exists a stigma around the dirty socks fetish. An online marketplace will enable you to relax among people who share your interests and shop.

For example, snifffr sellers have private shops and only you and the seller can access your chats. You have to pay to take it to a seller, but there are many sections from which to shop.

Selling Used Socks on snifffr

snifffr is an adult marketplace that caters to all kinds of fetishists. Sellers join our community by signing up for an account, setting up a profile, and listing their products and prices. If you are interested in any of these listings, we have chats where you can discuss the details of the sale, including payment and shipping.


A vast, bustling market is growing around the used socks fetish. If you get aroused or experience sexual satisfaction from smelling or wearing worn socks, you can easily and anonymously buy worn pairs on online marketplaces like snifffr. As a community, we guarantee privacy, direct shipping, and no transaction fees. We help you fulfil your sock fetish needs from the comfort of your home.

Written by: Laura Thorpe