Smelling Used Panties Fetish

Smelling used panties is a kink. That is because panty sniffing involves providing an erotic urge. The reason men turn to this is because of pheromones, which are chemical scents enjoyed by many.

Human beings also produce pheromones and are found in bodily secretion. For instance, they are in sweat, vaginal fluids, skin, and oils. You should note that pheromones contain a signature of fertility, strength, and health. Studies have shown that both genders when exposed to pheromones, they notice an improvement in focus, mood, and emotional processing.

History of Smelling Used Panties

In Japan, you can come across panty vending machines that are now a cultural phenomenon. There are also Burusera shops that sell goods obtained from girls such as swimsuits, undergarments, socks, physical education, sanitary napkins, tampons, and more. Clothes are accompanied by genuine photos of women. Clients are mainly men that use these products for sexual stimulation or arousal. Smelling of used panties is no longer restricted to Japan; it is now a worldwide phenomenon.

How to Sell and Buy Used Panties

Whether you are planning to make money selling used panties, take a vacation, or save for your something, selling used panties is a great side hustle. In any case, you wear panties each day. You only need to wear them, pull them off, and ship to your clients. If you are not motivated by making some money daily, you will be loving the idea of putting on fresh panties daily.

Process of Selling Used Panties

You only need to wear the panties for a given period of time. Take a photo in them and seal them up. You can then mail them to your clients’ address. It is advisable to make packaging discreet not to draw attention. Also, you should provide your buyers with tracking codes. Even if you are selling your panties through a platform like snifffr, the process is quite similar. In fact, these platforms make the process easy as they facilitate transactions.

What is the Revenue Potential?

In this case, the revenue you generate selling smelling used panties does vary. For instance, if you sell through your website, you can keep all the revenue generated. Remember that driving traffic to your website is tough, and there are independent sites that provide you with quality traffic.

There are other things that determine how much you can make selling dirty panties. It is advisable to start with lower prices and increase them over time.

Steps to Follow Selling Dirty Panties

Determine Your Eligibility
Since selling dirty panties is considered to be an adult activity, you need to be above 18 years. In fact, you will be required to provide your ID to verify the age. You need to create a profile on your preferred platform. It is advisable to create a new email account for this business. In this way, you can minimize revealing your personal information, should you wish.

Choose a Site
You should look for a site that can help you make more money selling used panties. The best option is to work with third-party sites, and they are the best if you are starting out. They are great because they have a lot of traffic, protect your identity, and often handle billing.

Take Sexy Photos
The truth is that the photos you put on your profile play a significant role in selling your used panties. In fact, the photos help men to know you. You do not have to show your face. Men purchase panties of sexy women. Therefore, you should take sexy photos so that men know what they are getting. The photos help buyers feel a connection to you. Try to show off the body and the best features.

Market Yourself
You can increase sales further selling smelling used panties by driving quality traffic to your listings. In fact, you can drive traffic from social media websites.

Where to Sell and Buy Used Panties Online

snifffr is a perfect place to buy and sell dirty panties. The platform does not offer to ship, so you need to plan to ship with the buyer. Therefore, shipping costs can vary.
Packaging Tips
Some buyers may make special requests like buying panties that have been worn for a few days or to the gym.

This guide should help you make extra money selling dirty panties online. When you are involved in this business, it is vital to protect your identity. Ensure you make your items dirty for your buyers. In this way, you can make money and wear fresh panties each day.