The Do’s and Don’ts for Buying Worn Knickers

In a world where you can access almost everything online, it is no surprise that you would want to know the rules that apply when buying worn knickers. You have a fetishism for it, and that's what makes you human. You've probably stumbled upon dozens of sites selling worn knickers, and it gets you wondering the dos and don'ts. Here is a guide to help you buy worn knickers without getting scammed.

The Do's

Do your due diligence about a seller's reputation

Before buying worn knickers from a specific seller, engage them in a conversation. Find out what insipres them to sell worn knickers. You can ask them questions like:

  • How do you intend to marinate the worn knicker I plan to buy? What extras do you sell
  • Can I order extras like lingerie, pantyhose, or a matching bra?
  • Will I get the sexual fantasy you're selling?

A serious seller who minds their reputation won't have a problem answering your questions. After all, you're buying a personal item, and your intention for determining the seller's reputation is justified.

Do join a site that connects worn knickers buyers and sellers

Some sites like Craigslist allow people to sell and buy worn knickers. However, that is not the primary intention it was created in the first place. You need to join a site for worn knickers, not anything else. Join a site like snifffr, a one-stop shop for various worn underwear-related items like knickers, pantyhose and bras. The best part about snifffr is that it's legit. It only accepts payments from Venmo and Google Wallet for security reasons.

Do leave a comment after receiving your product

Your seller needs to know if your order arrived on time and if it matched your expectations. Leaving a comment or review means you acknowledge receipt of the said product. It also speaks volumes about how a specific worn knickers site conducts its merchandising. Other buyers will know if sellers at that site are legit.

Do refer other buyers sharing your fetish to your seller

Word-of-mouth marketing works even in the adult industry. You might have shared about your fetish with a friend, and they felt like trying it out for the first time. Some sites offer discounts and other promotions to loyal buyers referring to other clients. While you may want to keep your fetish a secret, it doesn't hurt to link a buyer to a seller in exchange for knickers at a discount.

The Don'ts

Don't use impolite words if you're unsatisfied with a product

We understand how frustrating it can be to discover that the worn knickers you bought are substandard. So, you feel scammed, and the first thing that crosses your mind is to use unprintable words to demean the seller.

You need to understand that this is like any other business. The seller probably might not have understood what you wanted because you weren't specific. Perhaps what you were requesting (like them wearing for one month) wasn't realistic. The seller may have misinterpreted this information and sent something you didn't like.

However angry you might be, treat the seller with respect and the seller will show respect in return. If you intend to build a healthy relationship with the seller, try to be polite. You never know; the seller will realize their mistake and offer a discount on your next purchase.

Don't reveal your true identity

The leading reason sellers don't use their real names is to separate their business from their personal life. The same applies to a buyer. Using your real names can make your personal life frustrating. Of course, thousands of people share your fetish, but what happens if your boss or family spots you? You risk damaging your reputation from online trolls.

When setting up an account with snifffr and other sites for worn knickers, use a nickname as your Username. The site won't show the name you used to sign-up for the account. That way, you can rest assured that your online buying activity will remain top secret.

Don't keep a low profile once you join the site

These sites are for selling and buying worn knickers and platforms to receive helpful information. 

Even if you intend to buy worn knickers, it will help if you share your thoughts on this fetish. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. Our community considers these platforms safe places to vent your sexual frustrations. It may surprise how some users amount to relationship counsellors.

Written by: Laura Thorpe