Tips On Buying Used Panties Online

Introduction To Buying Used Panties

If you are interested in buying used panties and are looking for a discreet way to make your purchases, it's well worth checking out snifffr is a trusted marketplace where buyers and sellers can transact in used panties. You can stay anonymous very easily.

How does buying used panties through snifffr work?

If you are keen on buying used panties, you'll need to create a snifffr account. Once you are logged into your new snifffr account you'll be able to browse thousands of photos of panties being worn, in order to find a pair of panties which you're keen to purchase. It is a really simple process to buy panties. All you need to do is select what you like and click the buy button. From there, the seller will get a notification saying that you have purchased the used panties. The buyer and seller will then arrange shipping and the preferred payment method.

While some sellers will only post photos of the lower half of their body, some sellers choose to include full-length photos of themselves wearing the panties which they hope to sell. So if you are into buying used panties from an individual that you're physically attracted to you're in luck.

Once you've found a pair of panties which you'd like to purchase, simply send a message to the seller, in order to negotiate a deal, which you're both happy with.

Buying used panties: How to pay for your snifffr purchases

If you love the idea of anonymously buying panties online, you may be wondering about how to pay for your purchases. Once you start exchanging messages with a seller, you'll have an opportunity to negotiate the terms of your deal as snifffr does not handle the transfer of payment from buyer to seller. However, many sellers use Google Wallet or Venmo and other platforms to accept payments from their snifffr customers. Please note, PayPal does not all transactions for the adult industry. You should avoid using PayPal for this.

If you are uncertain what payment method to use, then have a chat to other member on snifffr. Find out what payment platform they like to process their payments through. Some sellers choose to run an Amazon wish list. Instead of receiving money, you can opt to buy them something on their wish list.

Once you have chosen the panties you wish to buy, you need to arrange shipping with the seller. snifffr does not get involved in the shipping of the used panties. This must be worked out between buyer and seller. In order to remain anonymous, many sellers choose to use the buyers postal address as the To and Return address. Therefore, it is critically important that the buyer provides the exact address. This will avoid issues further down the track. Please note, majority of sellers do not include shipping in their sale price. The reason is fairly logical. Sellers are unaware of where the buyer will be located. Therefore, they do not know how much shipping will be. Its suggested to check on shipping payments before finalizing your deal.  

If a seller doesn't offer a payment option which you're comfortable with, don't worry as snifffr features panties from thousands of sellers. So you won't have any trouble buying used panties on snifffr.

Are customers able to purchase other services on Sniffer as well as buying used panties?

Yes, some sellers who operate on snifffr are also happy to sell videos, photos, phone calls and video chat calls and webcam on snifffr. So it's definitely worth buying used panties from a seller who is chatty and quickly responds to your messages as they may be open to talking about other possibilities. Such as talking on the phone or on video chat, in exchange for payment. If you find the right seller, you may even end up buying used panties from the same seller on an ongoing long-term basis!

So if you're keen on buying used panties online it's well worth creating a snifffr account today in order to start browsing thousands of photos used panties. As at least one pair of panties is bound to catch your eye.