Ultimate Guide for starting Used Panties Online

Are you an adult industry actor, and you want to diversify your income? If that is the case, don't think further. Selling used panties is the way to go. Besides porn movies, used panties can make money for you. But how are you going to start?

Most people when they start the used panties business, they jump from post to pillar, hoping to make sales. This is because they make mistakes. Such experiences demoralize; that is why the guide is here. It will make your work more comfortable as you start. 

It’s important to figure out what works best for you when selling used panties online. Some sellers like to be forceful in sales while others take the softly softly approach. It’s no different to sales in a store. Every saleswomen or salesman has their own uniqe style in making sales. 

What are you supposed to do?

Bio, bio, bio

You must understand that the used panties online business is personal and intimate. Clients want to make a direct connection with the seller before any transaction. Before they speak to you about any business, they have to go to your bio. Make your bio as outstanding as possible. Give some little insights about yourself, which will make the clients yearn for more.

You are doing your business a disservice if you leave the bio section blank or use a single line to describe yourself. Do not leave it empty. You are not applying for a blue-chip company; let your bio be sexy, playful, and attractive.

Profile picture

This will be the first time the clients will see you; as shallow as it may be perceived, it's a make it or break it juncture. A single picture will make you money or bury the entire business. Many tend to leave the photos of the used panties on the profile picture, and they wait for manna to fall from heaven. This does not work; clients want to know who they are dealing with.

If you want consumers to be crazy for your panties, let your profile picture have your entire image and wear something sexy and flirtatious. Your face must be included in the picture.

Projecting yourself

How can the client know that, indeed, the panties are yours? To be real, you should involve aesthetics. In your selling catalog, the panties should be accompanied by pictures or videos. The imagery should show you in the panties or removing the panties for the action. This way, you will prove that indeed the panties are used, and they are yours. Also, you should sound professional and be ready for any nonsensical queries.


Rise against the anonymous syndrome that has engulfed the used panties industry. Most sellers avoid putting their face picture on the profile section, and they even go further to be unknown with the location. While this is okay to do, your chances of higher sales improve when you show your face. Many sellers choose to charge more if a face is shown. It’s entirely up to you. 


Unfortunately, most sellers tend to make a pricing mistake. Some tend to overprice, which scares away potential clients, while others underprice, making clients skeptical. In your pricing, you should consider various factors such as the type of the panties, the material of the panties, your competitors' prices, and even the color of your panties. Just be real and considerate in your pricing. Don't underprice to outsmart your competitors; people are looking for quality products.


Selling used panties is like any other business. It would be best if you diversified the payment mechanisms. Some buyers can do it with bank transfer, cryptocurrencies, and many more. Ensure that your business has all that it needs when it comes to payment.