Who Can Buy Used Knickers

Buying used knickers is on the rise It is growing by leaps and bounds every year. Many people still believe only men usually buy used knickers but that's not true. In this era, both men and women buy used knickers for various reasons. snifffr is an online platform where buyers and sellers of used knickers can meet and trade.


Why use snifffr to buy used knickers


Variety of used knickers

The website is user-friendly and with just a few steps you are able to browse through various profiles of sellers of used knickers. There are many registered sellers and who are genuine and this gives the buyers a wide variety to choose from.


Saves buyers embarrassment

Many buyers usually shy off to buy used knickers which are displayed in shops. However, when buyers make use of snifffr e nobody can notice them and can do it secretly. Furthermore, when the used knickers are sent by sellers they wrap them well and nobody can predict what is being delivered. It is in this regard buying used knickers through snifffr saves you embarrassment from people around.


Genuine sellers

There are many online websites that claim to be selling used knickers but most of them are scams. However, it is safe and genuine to buy used knickers from snifffr.

The process to buy used knickers


Register on the website

Visit the snifffr website and indicate you are a buyer, fill in the required information about yourself and accept the terms and conditions.


Update your profile

You can write a brief biography about yourself and upload a picture of yourself to appear more genuine to the sellers. But if you aren't comfortable with that is not a big deal, you will still be able to buy used knickers.


Browse through sellers profiles

The next step is to scroll through various sellers available. Once you find used knickers you like, hit the inbox of the seller and start a conversation with them. Be free to inquire all you want and they will give you the right answers. You can request them to send some of their used knickers in case you are not content with what they have displayed in their profile. 


Make payment

Once you have amicably agreed on the price of used knickers with the seller, proceed and make payment to their preferred means of payment.


Give your shipping address

Once you send the payment and they have confirmed to have received, send the seller your shipping address and sit back. From there the seller will send you the used knickers to your premises.