Why People Buy Wet Panties

Let's face it, these days it in order to buy wet panties as compared to earlier days where people were very conservative. These days buying and selling wet panties is no longer secret since people have become used to such practices. However, different individuals may buy wet panties for various reasons such as;


To masturbate

Many individuals who buy wet panties have been found to use them to masturbate. For instance, men can sniff these wet panties or wrap them over their penis to give them sexual pleasures. Sexy wet panties are turn on to many men. By just wrapping wet panties they feel an intimate connection with the person they bought the wet panties from. It so arousing when they use the wet panties to masturbate. 


It’s sexy

Some individuals buy wet panties because they find it sexy and attractive to have panties of different types and from different people. Some go ahead and even wear the wet panties they buy for a couple of days.


Who Can Buy Wet Panties

It is believed that only men can buy wet panties but that is not true. Some women have been found to have a high desire to buy their fellow ladies wet panties for their reason. So, it is acceptable for any gender to buy or even sell wet panties.


Register on snifffr 

The first procedure for buying wet panties is to visit the snifffr website and sign up for a buyer account. However, those interested individuals should be 18 years and above for their application to be successful since this website deals with adult content.


Scroll through sellers profiles

The next step is to go through the profile of the attractive or interested sellers of wet panties. Once you discover the wet panties you like, just hit the inbox of the seller. Here you can comfortably chat and ask them to display their multiple wet panties and make a final selection.


Proceed to make payment

Once you have amicably agreed on the price and the choice of wet panties, make it clear that you would want to receive that panties while wet to be sure you receive what you are craving for. From there, make the agreed payment to the seller; it’s good to note that snifffr is not involved in such a transaction.


Give shipping details

After payment has been made to the seller, give them your shipping address and wait to receive wet panties. The shipping duration entirely depends on the geographical distance between the buyer and the seller and the method of shipping selected.


There are many other benefits you enjoy when joining snifffr. This includes free registration, staying anonymous, freedom of choice, wide selection and great opportunities.