How do I buy used panties on snifffr

snifffr is a site that enables your fantasies to come alive. We pride ourselves with offering varieties of panties all at your disposal with some of the simplest steps to accessing them. To start a journey with this awesome site you need to sign-up and lucky you -  sign up is free. Once you have successfully created an account you are required to follow the steps below and get your sniffer panties.

View ladies profiles

This is one of the most exciting step into how do I buy used panties. You get to check out the amazing Ladies profiles and they have displayed what they are to offer. This step is a great turn on and you may get confused because of the many panties onoffer, so be careful to settle on what you really want.

Chat with your preferred Ladies

It's only realistic to message the ladies you would want to buy their pantyies. You get an opportunity to enquire all you want to know on their panties and they can also ask you some questions to know what you really desire. However, identities remain anonymous for the buyer not unless you want to be seen. As for the seller, they may decide to disclose their face.

Arrange payment method

Once you are contented with the panty you want feel free to start arranging for the payment. You need to check your seller what form of payment they would prefer. Then provide a delivery address that the seller can use when shipping the goods to your location. At snifffr we never get involved in your shipping and transactions.

How do I buy used panties and know legit sellers?

At snifffr, we have a fake checker, so when getting a seller ensure that they have passed the fake check. We also do not disclose your personal details to any seller.

How do I buy used panties incase of a transaction problem

To our prospective clients we rarely have transaction problems. But, if there is an issue kindly do contact the seller immediately. If this does not help fill out our support form in the contact section on our incredible site. snifffr will try assist with a solution.

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