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snifffr is a trusted online marketplace through which you can buy and sell dirty panties. The beauty about this marketplace is that you remain anonymous. As a seller, your identity remains completely hidden to the other party. So begin to sell dirty panties without any fear. If you wish to disclose your identity, that is your decision.

Buying dirty panties online

As a potential buyer, you will need to create an account. After which you will sign in to kickstart your tour of the available dirty panties. Go through the different sellers’ profile first. Then pick your favorite ones and start chatting with them through private messages or live chat. Enquire about the available dirty panties to buy that suits you. Once you have found your favorite, start the process with the seller to purchase them. Choose a payment method that is workable for both you and seller and provide your delivery address. Note that, snifffr does not take part in any of these transactions.

Selling dirty panties

Sell dirty panties through online selling platforms with ease. snifffr gives you that rare chance to sell dirty panties. As a seller, you will need to create a selling account. Then start chatting with your potential buyers via live chat and private messages. Once you get a willing buyer, arrange a reliable payment method and ship the panties to their address. It is as simple as that. Remember, there are no transaction fees, this means you will make maximum profits.