Selling used panties like a pro: your guide for success

Are you ready to lift the covers off one of the most interesting business ventures that also tap into a saucy kink that is enjoyed all over the world?

Say hello to selling used panties!

It’s no secret that underwear fetishes have been with us for decades. Sheer satin garments, cheeky nylon or even see-through pieces can ignite a lot of excitement for those who keenly explore used underwear kinks - and considering how much mystery and intrigue there is connected to this, you can only imagine how many people are exploring available used underwear for sale.

The excitement doesn’t stop there, though. Sellers of used panties can also score big when it comes to putting their previously worn intimate wear online for sale - and for some, this has brought in thousands of dollars.

Sell used Panties

A New York Post article revealed that one such seller banked a whopping $60K for selling dirty underwear - allowing her to live a seemingly more comfortable life than what she did when she was working as a regular cleaner.

A more recent uptick in selling used panties was no doubt spurred on by the Corona pandemic that the world experienced. According to an article by Vada, used underwear was in hot demand during lockdown time, with online searching increasing and items fetching price tags as £20. Popular retail OnBuy also reported in 2020 that used panties were one of the most searched items on their platform.

Not to be outdone, former ballerina Yaela Vonk also curbed the stress of earning income during the pandemic by selling used underwear and other items - earning a reported £75,000 ($95,000) per month.

Now, imagine how your seller journey could look if you apply the same dedication. We have certainly seen here on snifffr how dedicated sellers can make used panties one of their most exciting business prospects - even from the comfort of their homes!

In this ultimate guide to selling used panties, we will introduce you to top tips and information to help you get started. In fact, after finishing this article, you could immediately start setting up your snifffr profile!

Enjoy the read - we know you are going to love it!

Selling used panties 101: Everything that you need to know

  1. Who sells used panties?

The short answer to this is any consenting adult, of course - however, in our experience, women sellers are on the more popular side than men.

Also, if you have an underwear kink and love the thrill of selling your used panties, this is certainly a perfect avenue where you can make your fetish come to life. Just imagine chatting with someone who loves this kink as much as you do - it can be a thrilling, discreet interaction.

The big thing about selling used panties is that you are comfortable with the process and with putting your wares out there. Being part of the fetish community is of course a big plus - remember, you will be interacting with buyers interested in used knickers, and if you can fuel their fantasies, all the better!

Plus, if you are keen to make an extra or even full-time income out of this venture, the sky can be the limit for your profit goals.

  1. What types of underwear can you sell?

Your worn panties are uniquely your own, and can be anything from cheeky G-strings and thongs to cotton briefs or smooth boy-leg styles. Do “granny panties” make the cut too? Why not!

On snifffr, the used underwear you sell is up to your discretion - we do recommend uploading pictures as this gives sellers a good idea of what they could be purchasing.

Some buyers might also have special requests such as used underwear that are dirty or stained, so if you are comfortable selling used knickers in these conditions it could add an extra level of intrigue to your profile as a seller.

  1. Do you need to show your face in pictures promoting selling used panties?

We get it. A lot of sellers would rather prefer not to show their faces for privacy reasons, and most reputable sites, such as, will never expect you to reveal your profile, unless you are 100% comfortable doing so.

Rest assured: if you want to maintain a level of anonymity, there is nothing standing in your way, and you can still make sales without needing to show your face.

  1. When is the best time to sell used undies?

A good rule of thumb is when you have found an online platform that you researched and are comfortable with as your selling platform. At snifffr, you are sure to enjoy your selling experience, and best of all, you can start as soon as you are ready!

The most important thing is that you have your plan of action in place and know what you will be selling and to which target audience you will appeal to. In other words: research, decide, then set up your platform and start selling!

  1. What are the benefits of selling used underwear?

First and foremost, selling used panties gives you a lot of flexibility. You can decide whether it will be just a side hustle, or whether you will commit more time to your seller’s platform.

A close second is of course that you get to indulge in your own used panties fetish! Because you are part of the kink community who are keen to explore all the opportunities that selling used panties offer, it will be easy to settle into the community.

That being said, even if you want to simply make an income from selling your used knickers, selling used panties can certainly be a rewarding experience that you can approach on your own terms.

  1. Can selling used panties become my “full-time” job?

At, we’ve definitely seen sellers doing extremely well and treating their seller space as a full-time job.

Just a consideration here: if this is the route you are planning to take, you need to be willing to put in the effort to create an interesting profile that will attract buyers easily. Also, if you are just starting out, it is important to remain realistic. The sales will come in, but you first need to put in the work.

So, see this opportunity as one where you can create interest with a variety of used panties. If your wardrobe allows, post various types of panties, colors and styles - the more varied, the better!

Remember, what will set your profile apart is not just your unique persona but also what buyers can find - and if there is plenty to browse, you know they will stay longer to view various items of interest.

  1. Is selling used panties worth the investment?

Well, the fact that you are already on the snifffr site shows that you are leading towards a yes! You wouldn’t be wrong either: the used panties fetish community is alive, well and always eager to explore the seller market.

The online marketplace also allows for discretion for buyers and sellers, so if either party is on the shy side, there is no need for full disclosure.

Plus, with the opportunity to make sales and earn income, with just used knickers, the investment is definitely worth it.

  1. How does payment work for selling used undies?

Most platforms, such as, make use of third-party apps such as Venmo, Google Wallet, or Cash App, to name a few.

Because it is important to protect your anonymity, it is best to not include personal PayPal or banking details - rather stick to other platforms that will ensure you retain privacy.

So, keep in mind that a reputable platform will never expect you to give buyers your personal banking details - and neither should you.

FAQ time!

Enjoying our guide so far? Have a look below at some of the questions we get asked often about selling used panties online:

Absolutely - and there is no limit on the styles that you can sell! This is where you can create interest with a variety of used knickers, in various materials, colours and more.
You can comfortably earn from $15 to $100. Do keep in mind what you charge for different items - more high-end looks can fetch higher prices, but regular items might be better sold with more cost-effective price tags.
It is legal in the USA to sell used panties. For added protection and convenience, always ensure that you use a reputable platform, such as snifffr that clearly states whether items are used. This will ensure that there is no confusion about what buyers can expect.
Used panties are usually bought by male buyers with a used panties kink - and sometimes, they might be buying the items for their partners, or to enjoy on their own.There are several buyer personas, so it is important to keep an open mind when selling items.

First up, you need to create your online profile, such as here on snifffr, which is fairly quick and easy. Then, it is time to upload images of your products with their prices.Buyers will browse your items, and if they are interested, will contact you.

The short answer is yes, but a word of caution: never include your personal postal address. You can send your parcels with your buyer’s name as the postal and return address, do ensure that you have the details correct.Also, package your items very discreetly - never use see-through packaging or envelopes that can easily be opened.

When using a vetted platform, you can also enjoy a level of privacy and discretion - plus you have some protection as well in that bogus buyers won’t easily try to target you.Most platforms charge a small membership fee, but the benefits that this comes with are so worth it. At snifffr, for instance, we charge a small set monthly fee, which allows you to use our website features easily and make sales with your used undies.

So, rather keep your business on an established platform - you will be confident in knowing that your personal details are protected and that you have all the tools you need to start your seller journey.

We hope you enjoyed this easy guide for selling used panties online - be sure to check out our sellers’ page if you are ready to start earning an income and connect with buyers who are eager to buy your products.

Always stay safe in your interactions, and be sure to contact our customer support if you need any guidance.

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